USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan | What Does Awaiting Delivery Scan means?

Hello peeps! In recent times, we closely integrate with online services. Especially for purchasing the items via online shops. When you attempt to order an item through the online medium, you will get tracking emails and messages. It says from the stage of order placed, shipped from a particular place, out of delivery, and finally dispatched to the customers. In these levels, have you ever received a message that says Awaiting delivery scan? You might have raised doubts about these terms. What does the message exactly mean? Let us briefly discuss the Awaiting delivery scan and related stuff in this article.

USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan- what it means?

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Actually, USPS stands for United States Postal Service. They use scanners to track the progress/stages of each and every package. From that, let them know whether the product is delivered or yet to reach the customer. At this moment, the scanner says awaiting delivery scan, which means the product is not yet scanned by the delivery boy. There are two possibilities to get messages like this. It is because the delivery boy forgot to convey the item. Or else he neglects to scan it while he delivered.

In other words, the order is not shipped successfully, or the delivery boy of USPS will reach you soon with the packages. Generally, if a company uses US Postal Service, it will show up the message as USPS awaiting a delivery scan on the customer’s product page after he charged for the product. It is common for purchasing any items/products online.

What did the USPS Awaiting Item mean?

USPS Awaiting Item means the USPS are not ready to scan your mail. Cause the product is yet to reach the post office, or it’s on the way to the office. In other cases, the sender issued the tracking number alone to the post office. But, the sender hasn’t been dropped the mail in the post office. After the delivery boy brings the package to the post office, the USPS will mail it to your address on time.

Is my product stuck on Awaiting Delivery Scan?

Usually, all the ordered products or packages are taken to a couple of offices before it will reach your residence. Wherever the bundles go, the office will scan them. They will make a note of, what the bundle contains, and when it takes off from the office. These all will be noted inside the offices wherever the bundle traveled.

If the user wants to track their package, they can see the timeline. It intimates that where the package travels and where it has been reached. Anyhow, the online platform gives you the tracking id for an individual product. With the help of the id, you can keep on tracking the status of your package.

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Difference between Awaiting Delivery Scan and Awaiting item

Awaiting Delivery Scan
What is USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan mean?

As the term indicates, the message is regarding the item, not about the scan. While you are in the tracking process, the portal pops up a message like USPS Awaiting item. Here, you should aware of your product is not reached the USPS post office.

Otherwise, it will displays that awaiting a delivery scan. So you can judge that your transporter or the delivery boy didn’t scan the bundle in the post office. Immediately, you should contact the seller’s address and ask about the message that you received.

What does the delivery scan mean?

First off, you note that the sender will drop a mail to the USPS post office. This mail conveys that your product is ready on the delivery boy’s hand, and it is pretty ready for the rerouting process. The clerk working in USPS initiates the scanning process. Scanning includes scanning the unique barcode of the mail. After that, he updates the current status of the product in the USPS system. And then, they transfer the product to its next destination area.

Process of scanners to get the progress of the product

Normally, USPS uses barcode scanners to scan the packages while doing the tracking process. All the delivery boys handle a hand-in Mobile delivery device(MDD) for the scanning process. Along with that, the device keeps the delivery information of the products in real-time. Additionally, the MDD uses a (GPS )Global Positioning System and the cell organization system. These systems identify the location of the product is to be delivered. If the MDD is not comfortable, the transporters can go with Intelligent Mail Device (IMD). It is to mention that the IMD is not compatible with the GPS facility. So, you will fail to get the consistency of tracking the product progress.


What should I do when it shows Awaiting Delivery Scan?

When you get the pop-ups like Awaiting Delivery Scan, you should know that the delivery is under process. Sometimes, the delivery boy delivers the product to the right address without scanning it. Or, he failed to scan the barcode and feed it on the USPS application. If your order does not reach you, the message will be shown up. At that time, you should wait for a while until you get the product to the specified location. Once the order is successfully delivered, then the client could claim the report summary for the successful delivery progress.

How long the USPS usually takes to deliver?

Usually, the USPS takes 2 to 9 days to deliver for bordering states. There is no accurate date and time that can be allotted for the delivery process. The successful delivery utterly depends on the chosen service. Most of the time, environmental conditions like rainy, drizzled weather, covid 19’s pandemic situations, and many more situations may slow down the service.

Final Verdict

Shall we end up with this article? I hope you got some adequate knowledge regarding Awaiting delivery scan. It is common for all users when you use USPS-related services. This article deals with the complex terms that many people raise their queries. Tracking is the best way to stay connected with the order that you have made. Meanwhile, it is essential to get a clear knowledge about tracking terms. By the way, our article helps you to clarify the doubts regarding awaiting delivery scan messages.

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