What Channel is the Astros Game on Dish? [2023]

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Astros game on Dish: Get ready to watch the most exciting MLB World Series ever straight away on your Dish service. Yes, the playoffs are completed, and the most anticipated Yankees team has lost to the Houston Astros team. So, most people are wondering to watch the Astros VS Phillies game on Dish.

The famous Pitcher – Ryan Pressly records the final out against the Yankees and leads the Astros to the World Series. Seemingly, Dish is one of the best choices among TV providers in the US, as it provides native MLB streaming.

But what channel has the Astros game on Dish today? Well, the article given below will answer your question and offers the best channels to watch the Astros game on Dish. 

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What Channel is the Astros game on Dish?

As I said earlier, Dish is one of the best options for watching the Astros game. But, Dish does telecast the MLB or any other baseball game? Indeed, the Houston Astros team does not feature any native channel to stream their games.

Alternatively, you can use the first hand sports providing networks to watch the Astros game. If so, what sports networks are available on Dish to stream the Astros game? Don’t worry, the following passage of this article will mention what channel is the Astros VS Phillies game tonight on Dish. 

Astros Game on Dish
What Channel is the Astros Game on Dish?

Streaming Service – Dish

Channel Name – ESPN

Airing On – 140

Channel Name – TBS

Airing On – 139

Channel Name – Fox Sports 1

Airing On – 50

Channel Name – MLB Network

Airing On – 152

Channel Name – Fox Sports 2

Airing On – 149

The above stated are the best and perfect sports networks to watch the Astros game on Dish. However, seemingly, the channel codes of the respective sports channels may differ with each region. So, we advise you to verify the exact channel code with the official website of Dish. 

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A quick glance at Houston Astros

In simple words, the “Houston Astros” are one of the most popular and professional baseball teams in America. Indeed, the Astros team participates in MLB games representing the American League (AL), West Division. Initially, the Astros team was established as “Houston Colts” under the National League.

They used to play their home games in Minute Maid Park. However, they started their journey as an expansion team along with the New York Mets team in 1962. Later, the Astros team became a member of the American League West division in 2013.

To speak on the achievements part, the Astros team has won, One World Series Title, Four AL Pennants, One NL Pennant, Five AL West Division Titles, Four NL Central Division Titles, and Three NL West Division Titles.

Moreover, the Astros team marked their winning journey in 1972 and appeared in the Playoffs for the first time in 1980. Indeed, they won their first World Series Championship in 2017. Further, they have again qualified for the World Series game in 2022 by defeating the New York Yankees. 

A short note on Dish

Dish is one of the topmost TV providers in the US. Indeed, it is a typical television provider that offers cable channels via satellite signals. Seemingly, Dish offers various wireless, OTT, and IPTV services. Moreover, Dish is one of the favorite places for entertainment cravers, especially Sports.

In addition to 300+ English channels, Dish also provides 270+ Latino channels with a separate subscription. Indeed, you can explore various channels like ESPN, Disney Channel, CMT, SEC Network, Pac-12 Network, and much more.

You will get access to free DVR and Google Voice remote with a Dish subscription. Seemingly, you can access your favorite Dish content anywhere on the go using the Dish Anywhere app. Indeed, Dish Anywhere is an online service that gives access to live TV, VODs, and much more online. However, a Dish subscription is essential to get both cable and online access. 

  • America’s Top 120 – $69.99/month

The first package includes local channels, 60+ HD Channels, and 190 channels.

  • America’s Top 120+ – $84.99/month

This package includes 110+ HD channels, 190+ channels, and local channels.

  • America’s Top 200 – $94.99/month

The third package includes 240+ channels, local channels, and 125+ HD channels.

  • America’s Top 250 – $104.99/month

The last package includes 140+ HD channels, 290+ channels, and local channels. 

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That’s all to mention about watching the Astros game on Dish. I hope you have got the answer to your query, What channel is the Astros game tonight? Fortunately, it is possible to watch the Yankees VS Astros game on Dish using the native sports channels.

Indeed, the channel codes will obviously differ with various regions. So, consider verifying the legit channel codes with the official channel lineup of respective regions on the Dish website. Thank You. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is TBS on Dish?

TBS is one of the best television networks to watch your favorite shows and sports. Concerning that, you can find the TBS channel on Dish using the channel code 139. Of course, the channel code may vary with your region. Kindly refer to the official channel lineup on the website for more details. 

What channel is the Astros game on tonight?

Houston Astros is one of the popular baseball teams. Indeed, you can watch the Astros game on various channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, TBS, and MLB Network. Seemingly, you will need a valid subscription to a TV provider to access the respective sports streaming channels without any hassle.