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How to Download Apps on Firestick?

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Amazon Firestick is an amazing streaming device that comes up in a compact size with plug-and-play. By using the Fire Stick, users can watch movies, Live TV, Videos, Music, and much more. To watch all these you have to download apps on firestick. If you no idea how to Download and Install Apps on a Fire TV Stick. Then you are in the right place to get a Complete guide on Firestick guide.

There are many ways available on firestick to download Apps. In this Ultimate guide, you can get to know the different methods to Download Apps for Firestick.

  • Search and Download Apps on Firestick
  • How to Download Apps on Fire TV Stick using Search?
  • How to Download Apps on Firestick Using Amazon Website?

So, we will discuss the methods one by one in a detailed manner with perfect examples and screenshots.

How to Download Apps on Firestick?

New Firestick users will have doubts about downloading apps on firestick. But, it is really an easy task to do it on Amazon Firestick. just follow the steps below to know how to download apps to Fire TV.

Apps on Firestick
How to Download Apps on Firestick?

Turn On Firestick

Connect your firestick to your device and turn it ON. make sure that you have an active internet connection.

Select Apps

On the Home Screen, you can find a top menu bar with a list of options. Just toggle to side and there you can find Apps section.

Select an Apps Section

In the Apps section, you can find three options as featured, Games, Categories. Just select an option as per your requirement. Featured shows the most used application on firestick. Just tap on it for now.

Select an App

Scroll down and select an APP by using your firestick remote. Press the center button to Open the Application.

Download App

On the App dashboard, you can find an option as Download it. Just scroll down and click on it. It will begin installing and downloading the app to your firestick.

Click on Open

Once the download completes, you can find an option as open. Click on it to use the application. If you want to use the application later, just press the back button. And you can get the app on your App section.

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How to Search and Download Apps on Firestick?

Search and download Apps to Firestick….. Really it is so easy rather than browsing on your firestick apps section. We prefer using this method only if you have an idea of what application to use. Because if you don’t know what application to download then it will not help you.

Launch Firestick

Power On your Firestick and connect it to an active internet connection.

Open Search

On the home screen, you can find a top menu bar. In that, you can find a magnifying glass icon. Just tap on it to open.

Type and Select the App name

In the next screen, you can find letters & numbers to type your app name. Just use your firestick remote to type the App name. While typing the App name, you can find some suggestions related to your app. Just scroll down and click on it.

Select App

Now, it will show you the application below in a list with their icons. Just scroll down and select the app.

Click on Download

In the App dashboard, you can find an option as Download it. It will begin downloading & installing apps on your firestick.

Click on Open.

That’s it. you have successfully installed the app to your firestick. Just click on the open to use the application.

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How to Download Apps on Firestick Using Amazon Website?

Mostly, it is just an option to download apps to firestick using Amazon Website. Because it takes more time and requires another device to do it.

To proceed with this method. you will require a computer or a device with an active internet connection.

Open Computer or a Phone

Turn on your computer or phone with an active internet connection. Just open the Browser on the device.


On your device browser, Open up the Amazon Website and login to your amazon account.

Select Device Type

Scroll down on the website and on the left sidebar, you can find an option as the Device type. in that, just select Fire TV.

Select Fire TV model

On the Left sidebar, choose the Fire TV model of your device.

Select App

Now, search for the app and select the app to download.

Select the device

On the right side bar, it will ask you to select “Deliver to”. Select your TV.

Image Source: Lifewire

Click on Deliver App.

After selecting, click on Deliver. it will download app on your Fire TV.

Image Source: Lifewire

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Amazon Fire Stick won’t download apps

Some of the users have a problem with the “Amazon Fire Stick Won’t Download Apps”. It is a rare case scenario and only a few users will face the issue. Let’s check out the solution for it.

Check 1-Click Settings

  • Log in to the Amazon account.
  • Open the 1-click Settings page.
  • Check whether it is enabled.
  • If not enable it.
  • Click on Save settings.

Install app from Amazon Website

Sometimes it may work if you download apps from Amazon Website as per the above-given procedure. Some of the users have recommended this method worked for them.


How do I add apps to Fire TV?

Adding apps to Fire TV is so simple and can be done in many ways. As we have discussed all the possible methods to add apps to Amazon Firestick and you can check them out here.

How to download apps on firestick without a credit card?

You can download only the Free apps without the credit card details. If the application has a price then it will ask for your credit card details. Actually, if you have an amazon account and it will not ask for any credit card details to download an app.

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