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How to Appear Offline on Valorant? – How to Install & Use Deceive Valorant?

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Hey peeps! Most probably, you all love to play character-based shooting games. The gaming atmosphere might quite tricky to shoot the opponents. From the way, Valorant is such a free shooter game that is highly compatible with gaming machines and Microsoft-powered PC.

Wish to play an invisible game on Valorant?

There are so many personal reasons that make you hide from your teammates or friends. Or, you may want to play without joining with anyone. Is there any option to appear yourself offline on Valorant? Yes! But, the solution is not straightforward. That’s why we have compiled an article with the right solutions that you are looking for so far. Here we take a glance.

Valorant – Offline

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Basically, Valorant is a famous free-to-play hero-shooter published by Riot Games. Especially, it is adaptable for Microsoft Windows and gaming attached computers. Interestingly, anyone can choose the Hero’s (Characters) to launch the game. In Valorant terms, we can call the Characters in the name of agents.

As the Valorant belongs to Riot Games, there is no such in-built option available to play invisibly. It is mention that there is no such premade hiding option in both League of Legends and Valorant.

If you don’t want to stay online for other’s views, you suppose to looking for showing your status offline. Unfortunately, you cannot set up your online status as offline on Valorant directly from the Valorant field. Instead, You can find an option like remove them from the friend list. But, this is not fair enough to remove them for silly reasons. Then what else we can do for appearing offline.

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Hopefully, Riot Games allows some third-party applications to satisfy the gamer’s needs. Likewise, Deceive is such third-party software, which makes you disappear from online. Thankfully, Riot allows using third-party apps. It is clear that you won’t be banned due to adding third-party apps on Riot games.

What does the Deceive do?

Deceive is one of the open-source programs that act as a third-party application. It does the job of cutting the Valorant chat servers. It leads to play an invisible game on Valorant and projects your profile offline. Even though you are online, your friends won’t catch you.

In addition to Volarant, you can use this software in Leagues of Legends as well. It always shows the active user as offline to their friends. On the whole, Deceive is the only needful option in the Volarant player’s hand, to play hidden shots.

How to Download and Use Deceive to Appear Offline on Valorant?

Before going to start the further steps, you are instructed to completely come out from the Valorant. That is, close the game field properly and set it up.

Appear Offline on Valorant

How to Appear Offline on Valorant


First of all, ensure to close the Valorant portal. And then, open the web browser. Now, you request to download the Deceive file from the Git Hub portal.


If you think it is difficult to surf on Gift Hub, click this link


Here, you can successfully download the newest version of Deceive software file under the Assets section. From the link, you can download the Deceive.exe file.


Next, you have to create a shortcut. So, right-click the .exe file of Deceive. From the list of options, click on the Shortcut option. Soon, it will create a shortcut.


After that, hit the properties. You have to add the Valorant in the Target field. You can see the path in the target field. Along with that, enter the Deceive.exe and leave a single space and then type as valorant.


Type as Deceive.exe valorant. Now, click the Apply tab. At last, press the Ok button to finish up the process.

Well done! Now run the Deceive shortcut file as an administrator. The Valorant will open automatically without shows you are online. Furthermore, your current status shows as available in the Game client. Meanwhile, it shows your status as offline for your friends staying on the Valorant game.


Is it safe to use Deceive on Riot?

Yes. Undoubtedly, you can go ahead with Deceive third-party app on Riot games. One more important thing is, Riot declared that the user won’t be banned while using Deceive application to cut the Valorant chat server. Hence, Deceive absolutely suits you to play online as well as to appear offline.

Is any official way to appear offline on Valorant?

The answer is No. The only way to pretend offline on Volarant is to installing third-party apps like Deceive. If you are stuck with the installation queries regarding Deceive software, make use of this article.

What refers to Agents in Valorant?

Agents are nothing but the hero’s (characters). We can choose the agents by reviewing their special abilities. According to different playstyles, we can use our tactics to launch powerful agents. The more points you earn, the more power you could give to the agents.

Bottom Line

Shall we shut down? Avoiding unnecessary conversation with your friends may be a reason for pretending offline. Otherwise, you are not in the mood of playing games. You just logged in to check out new launchings and your Valorant rankings. However, this method suits you well to disappear from other players.

You need not panic about running the third-party file on your PC. Riot confirms that these background apps won’t harm your device. All in all, you are ready to shoot the opponent agent and play peacefully on Valorant y using the tricks stated in this write-up.

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