How to Appear Offline on Nintendo Switch?

Hey buddy! Enjoy all the single-player games on Nintendo Switch! If you are a Switch user, you could play plenty of games on this console. You need not worry about the Ethernet connection. Luckily, It offers online and offline games. If you are playing offline games, you will not disturb by your friends or opponents. On the other hand, the online games awake your friends list on Switch.

However, playing with your buddies gives limitless fun. But, if you prefer to play by yourself, you should go disappear from their view. For that, you should pretend like you are not online in the Nintendo lobby. It is easy to hide your exact online status. Hereafter, Our article will guide you.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch gaming console famous for its portability. Basically, The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console. To use as a home-based video game console, you can be docked it for your convenience. You can either use the Switch console in TV Mode or Handheld Mode. When you use Switch on Handheld Mode, it exactly seems like you are playing on a tablet. Additionally, it offers the most recommended online games like Animal Crossing, Fortnite, and New Horizons Edition. Meanwhile, Ethernet connections are essential to get frequent updates for online games. Because few online games won’t run without updating them to the latest version.

Switch – Appear Offline

Generally, whenever you are launching the game on the Nintendo game field, immediately it alerts others that you are active. Usually, the players are starting to chat with you and interact with you as you are online. If you don’t want to be notified by your friends, you can project your profile offline always. Yes. There is an option to disable your active status on Nintendo Switch. Thus, you can temporarily turn off your active status.  However, if you want to show your true status, you can change it back. Look at the steps to hide your presence on the Switch.

How to Appear Offline on Switch?

Appear Offline on Nintendo Switch
How To Appear Offline on Nintendo Switch


First of all, wake up your Switch console. Turn it on and handle the actions using the Nintendo controller.

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Next, Press Home on the controller to land on the Nintendo Home screen. On this screen, your profile icon is located at the top left corner. Tap it.


And then, you can see the sidebar with menus on the Profile section. From here, scroll a bit down to reach the User settings.


The options available under the User settings will appear on the right-side panel. Here, click on the Friends Settings.


Soon, it shows the “Display online status to” with different preferences. Namely, No one, All Friends, and best friends.


If you don’t want to include anyone to see your status, click No one. Likewise, you can click the best friend option to mark some of your friends. Alternatively, you can set it as All friends, if you prefer all of your friends to view your status.

Once you mark the desired option, you are good to exit this setting. Thereafter, no one knows that you are playing a game on Switch.

How to modify the Play Activity settings on Nintendo Switch?

It is not enough to appear yourself offline. You are yet to finish up one more trick. That has to be done in the Play activity section. It is due to your friends can see your recent play activities on Switch. With this, others can know that you have played recently. Eventhough you did the above process, this section uncovers your activities to others. This is why you have to disable the play activity settings too.


Initially, visit your profile section on Switch. Then, choose the User settings tab located at the left side panel.


Within that, go ahead with the Play activity Settings menu. As you did in the status settings, here also you can choose desired one from 4 options.


On the “Display Play Activity to” dialog box, you can set it as All users, Friends, Best Friends, or No one.


Once you set, click on the ok button. At last, press the Home button again to jump on the game field. Now, you are free to play without bothering friends or strangers.


What can I do, when my profile appears offline on Switch?

You can do all the activities as you do in online mode. Though you hide your presence on Switch, you can play continuously. Moreover, it lets you make online transactions in Nintendo eShop. You can even download the Nintendo updates & explore the new versions. Remember that you are just kidding your buddies as you are offline. But, you are not actually inactive. Still, you can purchase new games on Nintendo shop.

What else should I remember while appearing offline?

Remember one thing, if you appear offline, no one can join you to play a game. From other’s points of view, you are not active. They won’t include you unless you show your accurate profile and online status. For certain games, they need to put input codes. At that moment, they won’t select your name from the friend list. In such cases, you may fail to join the game lobby as you hide your presence. All in all, you have to keep an eye on the status section.

Bottom Line

Let’s conclude this article. It is to mention that you should customize the online status and play activities whenever you want. Merely appearing offline may not give fun. Engage with your friends on multi-player games. Appear offline, only if you want to play single-player games. Moreover, remember all those things mentioned in this write-up. To play a peaceful game on Nintendo Switch, our article is there with you.

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