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How to Appear Offline on Instagram? [App & PC]

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Hey Instagram Lovers! Hope Everything is well. The love for Instagram is always trending. People want enthusiasm and pleasure in their way of life. Instagram is one of the most popular social media. There are many available features. From that, this item is to deliver the outstanding particulars about one of the different features of Instagram. That is, how to appear offline on Instagram. This is one of the well-known topics. Let’s get into the article.


Instagram is one of the most Familiar and distinguished applications of the internet world. This is an absolutely lovable source to Internet users. In this platform, you can easily create multiple accounts and post your pictures and videos. Instagram encompasses a lot of interesting aspects recently. That is, there is an option called reels which you can upload videos to, IGTV systems. Then, you can upload your pictures including music and songs in the stories. And also you can save your stories to watch later.

Even you are not an active user, When you start using the app, you can easily get updates all the time. There are ultimate features compressed in this platform. You can follow your favorite personalities and friends. If they are having a private account, you need to wait until they accept your request. You can enjoy reading all the funny memes, videos, and much more.

How to Appear Offline on Instagram?

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Instagram, is the most likable source in the world of the internet. It has unlimited elements. This offers a secure and safe profile setting. You can change your activation status and some other interesting things. To send a message to your friend, you can see their activity status. You can hide your online status from offline.

Appear Offine on Instagram

How to Appear Offine on Instagram

If you want to hide your online status from your friends and your followers, you can disable the features. It’s very personal and makes you protect yourself from your regular activities. So, to do this process, follow the upcoming steps.

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Step 1

On your Android device, open your Instagram application.

Step 2

Go to the “Profile” page.

Step 3

From the three horizontal stripes, you need to select the menu option.

Step 4

Go to the Settings option.

Step 5

There, you need to select the “Privacy” section.

Step 6

You can find the “Show Activity Status“. Here, you have to ” Disable” this function.

Step 7

That’s all, hereafter your activity status is shown as “offline” until you can enable the activity status.

Is there a way to appear offline on Instagram even you are Online?

You can easily make your activity status offline on your Instagram application on your Android or iOS device easily. For that follow the above steps.

How to appear offline on Instagram on PC?

The disabling process of Instagram is identical to Android. But the only modification is the interface.

Final Verdict

In the end, the article embodies all the necessary details of how to appear offline on Instagram. This subject provides lots of wonderful factors about Instagram and its special particulars, the reason behind changing the activity status, and the steps to disable the online status on your Instagram application. So, If you want to freely use the app without online activation, you can use this content and enjoy your lovable Instagram deeds.

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