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How to Appear Offline on Facebook? [Android, iOS, Window PC]

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Hello Friends! How we are engaging with new friends every day? Which online resource unites the people from every nook and corner around this globe? I hope the majority of answers from the Internet users must be Facebook & Facebook Messenger. Well, FB has a massive range of online users that provides the platform to expand your friend’s lits. However, we always have to be surrounded by friends and other users on this portal. What will you do when you want to feed current affairs without pestering due to active FB users? Luckily, you can be active on Fb as well as go out of sight from others. To go invisible, review this article till the end.

This article covers the methods to pretend yourself offline on Facebook on both Web browsers & smartphone applications. The more users found on FB, the more users are active in Messenger too. Both are integrated services with a slight difference in their settings. Here is the complete guide to appear offline on the Facebook community. In simple terms, all the methods say how to turn off your active status on FB. So, your friends think like you are not online. On the way, they will slow up their chattings with you.

How to Appear Offline on Facebook?

how to Appear Offline on Facebook

How to Appear Offline on Facebook

For the users active on FB via web browsers,

  1. First of all, land on the Facebook community through the web browser on your computer. (Follow the same on Mac computers)
  2. Now, you are on the home page of FB. Hit the gear icon from the Chat tab.
  3. From the list of menus, click on the Turn off Active status menu.
  4. On the next screen, you will get prompts with 3 different options. It says, Turns off Active status for,
  • All contacts – Select, if you want to appear offline for everyone
  • All contacts except – Choose if you want to appear offline, except a few of your friends’ lists. And also, unmark the contacts who can see your status.
  • Only some contacts – Click this, if you allow showing your online status, only for selective people on FB. With these options, you can customize the contacts with whom you like to share that you are online.
  1. Once you click the desired one, press the Okay button located at the bottom of the dialog box.
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That’s all. You will be invisible to the users until, otherwise, you turn it back on.

For the users active on FB via Android applications,

  1. Firstly, unlock your smartphone and be ready with the FB application.
  2. Go inside the app, and tap the three horizontal lined icons located at the upper right corner of your phone.
  3. It lists all the available settings on this app. From that, scroll a bit to tap the Settings and privacy section. And then, click
  4. Again, scroll down to reach the Privacy section. Here, tap on the Active Status.
  5. Toggle the button to turn off your active status.
  6. In the end, you can be online on the FB network. But, your status seems to be inactive or offline for your friends.

For the users active on FB via iOS devices,

While comparing the steps taken on the Android platform, iOS remains quite different. if you are an iOS user, look at the below steps to go invisible on FB.

  1. Initially, launch the iOS version of Facebook on your Apple device.
  2. Open up the FB app and hit the menu button (hamburger icon) located at the lower-right corner.
  3. Next, scroll the menu list to jump on the Settings & Privacy section. Now, tap the Settings
  4. Tap the Active Status option located under the Privacy
  5. On the next screen, you can see Show when you’re active. Besides the option, move the slider to turn it off.
  6. Once again, tap on the turn-off option when it prompts you to confirm the settings.


Still, I receive messages when I turn off the active status?

Of course. Even though you put off your active status, you will receive the chats that go directly to your inbox. And then, you can read it at your leisure. You are just pretending to stay offline, but not actually offline.

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How to appear offline while active in the FB Messenger application?

As we know that, all FB users are supposed to chat with their friends through floating messenger. So, if you awake on this platform, your friends’ let’s know that you are online. It is better to turn off the active status on the Messenger service too. This section covers the guide to appear offline on the Messenger application. Either you are using Messenger on Android or iOS devices, you can follow these steps.

  1. At first, open the Messenger screen. Anyhow, you will land on the Chats tab.
  2. On this screen, click on your profile picture.
  3. And then, hit on the Active Status tab.
  4. Next to the Active Status tab, you can toggle the slider to turn it off.
  5. Soon, you will get a confirmation message to turn off the status. Proceed to give the turn-off

Bottom Line

In the end, we can send messages to our loved ones, we can chat with our friends and family, we can scroll day-to-day feeds on FB. Even though you are active, the above settings say you are currently offline. Turning off your active status doesn’t affect your conversations. Still, you can post, send, receive chats, and do all the activities as usual. Once you read this article, you will get a clear idea to finish up the process quickly.

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