How to Appear Offline in Roblox? [Hide from Followers]

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How to appear offline in Roblox: Hello, gamers! Are you admire the Roblox gaming platform? Probably, most of the players wish to discover plenty of games. For those, Roblox is the best gaming portal to develop new games. Developing Interactive games are very interesting to play, and many players fall on them.

Let us play a secret game, and no one knows you are online. Shall we? Yes. If you don’t want to be annoyed due to any other messages while playing, you can set it up to your status as offline. Donno how to hide your status? Cool. We will guide you through the simple steps. Scroll up!

The gist of Roblox

Roblox is the best gaming platform and allows users to develop new games using gaming source code. Most importantly, Roblox not only allows you to play but also gives space to push your new games. Additionally, The player could opt for any other games that are developed by other users. So, you will get new games frequently.

Creating new games, sharing them on the gaming portal, and making others play your games is just fantastic with the Roblox platform. Ultimately, all the standardized platforms like Xbox One, macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows support the Roblox gaming service. This cross-platform allows the player to play as an individual or with multiple friends in a game.

As we discussed above, all the features available on Roblox are what all the players expect. What else? When you suppose to play games, you must turn on your Internet access. At that time, all the players staying online will know your presence. They may chat with you, or they wish to play with you. Their texts and requests will interrupt your game flow. For this purpose, many users ask to appear offline in Roblox even the Internet is turned on.

If you have the option to set your status offline or not available, no one will disturb you. Will, it works on Roblox? Yes. Within a few clicks, you can go invisible from other players’ sight. Do the following and play uninterruptedly.

How to appear offline in Roblox?

The steps are too easy and you will not face any trouble finishing up the settings. Before that, be ready with your Roblox account and login details.

How to appear offline in Roblox
How to appear offline in Roblox


First of all, head over to the Roblox platform on your hand-in devices. Then, land on the home page of Roblox.


Next, knock on the login button and proceed with the Roblox login account. Don’t start any game after the login.


Now, hit the three dots or navigation menu placed at the top right corner. It will list out more settings for your view.


Scroll down and drop on the My Feed menu. Here, you can see multiple options. It lets you edit your status according to your wish.


Fill up this section as Available, not available, offline, or playing. After that, click the green-colored button to share your status with the users. Now, your current status will be broadcast to your friends and others playing on the portal.

Well done. Go ahead with your playing without any disturbance.

How to hide from followers on Roblox?

If you are a developer, and you don’t want to show the developing studio to others. You can hide your development status from the followers. To do that,

Step 1:

First off, Navigate to the settings

Step 2:

Here, click the privacy

Step 3:

Next, check out the who can follow me tab.

Step 4:

Mostly, it shows like

Step 5:

In the end, change it to No one.

That’s all. No one knows whether you are a player or a developer.


Can I appear offline on Roblox?

Sometimes, you wish to play games, but all you need is peace of mind. This means no one is able to text you online or send you a request to play together. Then, read out the entire article and move on to the further steps.

How to change the privacy settings on Roblox?

Mainly, do all the steps discussed in this article. If you want to set up specific privacy settings, then do the upcoming changes.

  • Initially, jump to the Roblux settings
  • Next, get into the privacy settings.
  • After that, make changes to the following options.

If you don’t want to share your status with even your friends, change every setting like no one. For example,

  • Who can message me – No one
  • Who can chat with me – No one
  • Check Who can join me – No one
  • All set. Even though you are online, none of them knows you exist. Once you set as no one, no one will be able to chat with you.

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Final Words

Shall we wrap up? I hope, this post helps you to find a way to hide your presence on Roblox. Privacy settings are helpful to personalize your needs to make yourself comfortable. If you wish to share your online status only with your friends, you can make changes whenever you wish. Do the same procedure and click friends instead of no one. These are the possible ways to appear yourself offline on Roblox. Enjoy developing

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