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How to Appear Offline on Discord? [Simple Tricks 2022]

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Appear Offline Discord: Sometimes, we want to do our works alone. But, the notifications are disturbing us. At that time, we want to go Offline. But, couldn’t. Because we have a work in that particular site. Then, how can I escape from those messages and notifications? Don’t worry. Now, you can show your online state as offline while you are online. Yeah! it is possible now.

Discord is one of the best platforms to chat with your friends, classmates, game teammates, and family. But, you cannot always chat with them. At that time, you have some work on Discord. But, your friends want to chat with you. Discord has a solution for this. You can turn off your online state and use the server. No one can find that you are online. Is this interesting? Yeah. To learn more, let into the article.

How to Show Offline on Discord?

To escape from unnecessary messages, turn off your visible option. Discord has a feature that allows its users to turn off the online state. To turn it off, follow the below procedure.

Appear Offline Discord

How to Appear Offline Discord?

Step 1:

Go to the Discord page and select the server option.

Step 2:

Click on your Profile button.

Step 3:

Then, select the Invisible option to turn off the online.

Now, you can access Discord without any interruption. Everyone can see your status as offline only. 

Other Features of Discord

Not only invisible, but Discord also has a lot of features. With them, you need not be to get away from the messages. You can also use these below options.


Online is the default option on Discord. When you log in to the Discord, then you will be shown as online for other users or your friends.


With this option, users can know that you are not available or away from the keyboard. Also, it will update your state Idle when you do not continue using it for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Do Not Disturb

If you want to mute Discord messages as well as other notifications, you can use the Do Not Disturb option.


As said before, it helps you to make your status offline while you are online. 


Can I appear offline on Discord?

Yes, you can show offline by clicking your profile icon on your screen. And selecting the Invisible option to appear offline.


Discord allows its users to set their status as offline even they are online. It will help you to escape from the unnecessary messages and be focused on your works. If you want to use this feature on your Discord app, then follow the above-given steps. We hope this article will help you to hide your online state in an easy manner. 

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