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How to Install and Watch Apollo Group TV on Roku? [Updated 2022]

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Apollo Group TV on Roku: Most people choose their streaming service based on the price and its contents. So. here we have a streaming service that is very affordable and have valuable content with it.

This service is named Apollo Group TV, we can also stream it using a Roku device. Now, let us dive into this article to know more about the content.

What is Apollo Group TV?

Apollo Group is one kind of online streaming service that offers sports, movies, live TV shows, and many more. The great news is that Apollo Group TV Service offers its viewers more than 1000 HD channels.

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It also offers more than 5000 on-demand programming content like movies, TV shows, and so on. This service offers various categories of content to its users. It is one of the popular IPTV services which can be installed on Android devices.

This app cannot be accessed directly through the app store. It must be sideloaded through IPTV players like Tivimate or IPTV smarter. It also contains VOD options in HD quality. This includes entertainment, international,  sports, PVV, and so on.

Apollo offers its viewers a free trial period and the basic package comes with almost five connections for new users. The users can access four different plans which are listed below.

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Subscription Plans

  • $24.99  – per month
  • $51.99  – 3 months
  • $89.99  -6 months
  • $159.99 – Per annum

How to Install and Watch Apollo Group TV on Roku?

 Apollo Group TV on Roku

Install and Watch Apollo Group TV on Roku

Unfortunately, the official Apollo Group TV app is not available on the Roku. But we do have an alternative choice ie; you can use the screen mirroring option to get the application using

  • Android
  • iOS

Now let us see how to screen mirror the app to TV using the above devices.

How to Watch Apollo Group TV on Roku using Android?

If you own an Android device, then you can easily stream the Apollo Group tv using the screen mirroring option on your Android device.

Apollo Group TV on Roku using Android

Install and Watch Apollo Group TV on Roku using Android

Step 1:

Firstly, kindly head over to the settings of your Roku device.

Step 2:

Secondly, visit the screen mirroring option and then pick up the screen mirroring mode.

Step 3:

Now kindly choose the Prompt option on your Roku.

Step 4:

Kindly make sure to couple your device using the same internet connection.

Step 5:

Now kindly use any of the following services to get the app on your Android device.

  • Startup Show Guide
  • Tivimate Guide
  • Kodi
  • XCiptv Guide

Step 6:

On your notification panel kindly choose the cast option.

Step 7:

From the list given below select your device name.

How to Watch Apollo Group TV on Roku using iOS?

If you are using the iOS device then you can easily watch Apollo Group TV on Roku using your iOS device. Just follow the steps given below to connect your Roku with an iOS device.

Step 1:

Firstly, open your Roku settings and go for the Apple AirPlay and the Homekit.

Step 2:

Secondly, on your Roku device just pick up the Homekit and AirPlay settings.

Step 3:

Now just enable the ON option on your AirPlay.

Step 4:

To get the Apple Group TV Service on your Roku, you have to use any of the following services given below.

  • Flex IPTV Guide
  • Kodi
  • Smart IPTV Guide
  • Startup Show Guide

Step 5:

Now on your iOS device kindly set up the Apollo Group TV.

Step 6:

Kindly make sure to couple your iOS and the Roku to the same wifi connection.

Step 7:

Now launch your control center and kindly tap on the screen mirroring option.

Step 8:

From the list of suggestions kindly select your Roku device name.

Step 9:

Finally, you can watch your favorite show on the big screen by using the above steps.


I hope this article helps the readers to know the facts about Apollo Group TV and how to watch the same content on the big screen using the Roku device. Whatever the viewers are looking for we want all of them to find peace of mind here by viewing this article. Thank you for spending your precious time just to take a look at this article.


Is Apollo on Roku?

The official Apollo app is not available on the Roku device, but you use an alternative method to stream the Apollo on Roku using an Android or iOS device.

What is the one-month subscription plan for Apollo?

The users have to pay $24.99 per month to get the Apollo Group TV on your big screen using Roku or by using some other devices.

Does Apollo have a free trial period?

Absolutely yes, The Apollo has a free trial period for almost seven days, if you like the experience then you can subscribe to any of the packs according to your need.

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