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AMC on Optimum

What Channel is AMC on Optimum? [Updated 2022]

AMC on Optimum: Are you an Optimum user? If so, this article is especially for you, here, we are going to discuss one of the best as well as famous channels from your Optimum service’s channel lineup. Yeah! You are right, it is AMC where you can get plenty of interesting shows. There are a lot of confusions about AMC’s availability on the Optimum service. So, this article will clear all your queries regarding AMC, Optimum, and its compatibility. If you want to explore interesting facts about your favorite channel and existing streaming service without delay, join us. We assure you, at the end of this article, you will get all your favorite AMC shows on the big screen without any restrictions.

About AMC

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AMC is one of the American cable television channels which is controlled through the company of AMC Networks. It has sister channels, namely Sundance TV, BBC America, IFC, and We TV. With AMC, you can get a lot of content like movies, series, shows, and so on. It offers numerous movies from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Warner Bros. Entertainment.  You can stream all your desired AMC shows on your desirable device using your existing TV provider credentials. There is no subscription fee for AMC. But if you want to go for the AMC premium pack, then you have to spend a certain amount as a subscription fee. 

If you want to stream more on-demand content, and want to unlock AMC’s locked content, then you can purchase the AMC Premiere plan. It will help you to stream all your favorite locked AMC shows without any restrictions. On the other hand, you can go for the Premium pack, where you can stream all AMC shows without any commercials. In addition, with the Premium pack, you can get early access to the AMC series, as well as allow you to access all its sister channel content too. 

About Optimum

Optimum is one of the American Cable brands. It is not only a TV provider service, it also offers services like a Home phone company, Internet, and Mobile service. The Optimum service is controlled by the company of Altice USA. When it comes to its availability, you can access Optimum in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York. 

Optimum is a paid streaming service where you can find tons of channels without any limitations. You can subscribe to Optimum using four different plans. Each plan offers various features and channels to its subscribers. Here we are going to mention all Optimum subscription plans and their features. So choose your favorite plan and subscribe to it to enjoy all your favorite Optimum channels on the big screen without any restrictions.

Core TV

It is the basic plan, which provides 220+ channels to its subscribers. Some channels from Core TV, Disney Channel, ESPN, Yes, MSG, CNN, Nick, and so on. The cost of a Core TV is $75 per month. 

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Select TV

It is the next level of the subscription plan, Select TV will include all Core TV features as well as it offers extra features too. With Select TV, you can get 340+ channels. It includes the Starz Encore too. The subscription fee for Select TV is $95 per month.

Premier TV

Premier TV is the premium plan where you can get 420+ channels. It includes all plan’s features and provides extra features too. The cost of the Premier TV plan is $110per month. With this Premier TV plan, you can get HBO, Starz, Showtime, and much more channels.

You can also stream live wrestling and boxing events with Optimum’s Pay-Per-View plan. On the other hand, you can purchase add-ons to get more extra features like International channels and Sports content. In this case, with the Sports add-on pack, you will get a lot of sports shows from NFL RedZone to MLB Network. And the International channels add-on includes Optimum en Espanol, Optimum Russian, Optimum Chinese, and so on.

The early mentioned subscription fee may vary in the future, so kindly check Optimum’s official website to get the exact subscription details.

What Channel is AMC on Optimum?

With Optimum, you will get plenty of channels. In this case, finding a particular channel is a little tricky. But, hereafter, you need not worry about all those things. We are here to help you to enjoy all your favorite AMC shows without any hassle.

AMC on Optimum
What Channel is AMC on Optimum?

This portion will guide you in the easy way to find the AMC channel from your Optimum channel lineup. Here we are going to include the channel number of AMC on your existing streaming service. Is it nice? Yeah! Now, you can easily find all your favorites on the Optimum service and enjoy them with your friends and family.

CityChannel Number
New Jersey South43
New Jersey Central43

Popular shows on AMC

With AMC, you can get a lot of entertainment content like movies, series, and TV shows. Here we are going to see some popular shows from AMC. 

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

It is one of the AMC shows which has a 4.3 IMDb rating. The Walking Dead: World Beyond is an American horror series that is created by Scott M. Gimple and Matthew Negrete. Alexa Mansour, Nicolas Cantu, Annet Mahendru, Joe Holt, Jelani Alladin, and more casting in this series. As of now, it aired in two seasons, each season has ten episodes, namely,

Season 1

  1. Brave
  2. The Blaze of Gory
  3. The Tyger and the Lamb
  4. The Wrong End of a Telescope
  5. Madman Across the Water
  6. Shadow Puppets
  7. Truth or Dare
  8. The Sky Is a Graveyard
  9. The Deepest Cut
  10. In This Life

Season 2

  1. Konsekans
  2. Foothold
  3. Exit Wounds
  4. Family Is a Four Letter Word
  5. Quatervois
  6. Who Are You?
  7. Blood and Lies
  8. Returning Point
  9. Death and the Dead
  10. “The Last Light

The Prisoner

From the AMC show list, The Prisoner is one of the shows that has a 6.1 IMDb rating. It is the British series that is credited by Patrick McGoohan, and the story is written by David Tomblin, Terence Feely, George Markstein, Patrick McGoohan, Anthony Skene, and Vincent Tilsley. And this series is directed by David Tomblin, Pat Jackson, Don Chaffey, and Patrick McGoohan. Patrick McGoohan is casting in the Prisoner series. As of now, it has 17 episodes, and the first and last episodes are conducted respectively on 15 November 2009 and 17 November 2009.


Through the article mentioned above, you will get the simple and best guide to access the AMC channel on your existing Optimum TV provider service. Fortunately, AMC is available on your streaming service, so finding and streaming AMC shows on your device using Optimum is quite easy.

This write-up includes the channel number of your favorite AMC channel, which helps you to get your favorites in one step. So, make use of it and enjoy all your desired AMC shows endlessly on the big screen with the help of Optimum streaming service. To get more interesting channels on your existing TV provider service, look over our website under the Optimum category.


Is AMC available on Optimum?

Of course, AMC has a respective channel on the Optimum streaming service, so you can easily find all your favorites using the direct method. In simple words, AMC is officially available on your existing TV provider service. So, you can directly tune the channel and stream all your AMC favorites without any restrictions on the Optimum streaming service.

Where can I access AMC without using a cable?

You can stream AMC shows on your desirable device even without using the cable. AMC is available on numerous streaming services such as YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, fubo TV, Sling TV, Spectrum TV, and Philo. So, you can easily stream all your favorite AMC content using the above-mentioned streaming services.

All you need to access AMC on your existing streaming service is its active subscription. If you want to go for the AMC Plus plan, then you have to purchase an add-on to enjoy all AMC shows without any commercials.

Is Optimum Subscription-based?

Yes, Optimum is one of the paid streaming services which provides numerous channels to its users without emptying their wallets. With Optimum, you can get three different types of subscription plans. You can get various features with each plan. They are,

  • Core TV – 220+ channels
  • Select TV – 340+ channels
  • Premier TV – 420+ channels. 

If you want to get more features like Sports channels and International channels, you can purchase the add-on packs as per your wish.

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