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How to Install and Watch Amazon Prime Video on Xbox one & Xbox 360?

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Welcome to the wonderful article? Are you excited to know the article? Here, you are going to enjoy yourself by reading it. Because it’s a very special and entertaining source to everyone. Can you guess? What is it? Yes, This is one of the ultimate sources for entertainment. That’s Amazon Prime Video. You are going to read the entire particulars of Amazon Prime Video. The interesting factor is, if you are a user of Xbox, you can get the app on your Xbox itself. This article can help you to get Amazon Prime Video on Xbox. Let’s get into the topic.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the Most trending streaming sources. You can watch all kinds of videos and shows in an amazing way. It’s available in all the usual devices of Computers (PC & Mac), Mobile devices, Fire TV, Samsung TVs, Sony TVs, LG TVs, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Xbox One, and so on. You should be a Prime Membership on this Amazon Prime Video app. So, you can easily watch all kinds of content.

It’s a Subscription-based channel. You can also get a thirty days free trial to watch the contents freely. And then, you have to pay and then watch it. You need to create an Amazon Prime Video account quickly. It is also one of the needed procedures to watch Amazon Prime Video videos. You can get the app on the website too. There are many contents available like shows, tv series, videos, movies, and so on. To know more information about Amazon Prime Video, you can further check the URL of

Features of Prime Video

This part is going to explain the most stunning and adorable features of Amazon Prime Video. These features help you to get more content and some interesting factors of the application. Here are some details.

  • It’s a digital distribution source.
  • You can get the contents in any content. Because almost all languages are available.
  • Highly commendable platform.
  • Fresh content in every new month.
  • Pictures and video should be in HD and Ultra HD quality.
  • It has parental controls.
  • You can consume the data while using the Amazon Prime Video app.
  • This is a family-friendly interface.
  • Offline mode is applicable. So, you can download the content and then watch it later.
  • There are 100 premium channels available.
  • It has a specific music channel for listening to music.
  • There is an option of X-ray which holds the records of all contents.

How to Get Prime Video on Xbox?

For those who are using Xbox and want to install the Amazon Prime Video app, this subject is to make you clear in the simple steps. And If you are a person who thinks of buying an Xbox and then install the app later, you can use this article. The method of installing the app is so simple. Because the app is available in the Xbox App store. Here are the steps.

Amazon Prime on Xbox

How to Watch Amazon Prime on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Step 1

The first step is, you have to open the Xbox.

Step 2

Go to the App store on the Home Screen.

Step 3

In the search icon, search for the “Amazon Prime Video” application and then find it.

Step 4

Choose the “Get” option.

Step 5

After the installation, you have to launch the app and then sign in with your particulars.

Step 6

At last, stream your Amazon Prime Video content on your Xbox exclusively.

Is Amazon Prime Video available on Xbox?

Yes. Amazon Prime Video application is available in the App Store of Xbox. You can easily install the app with the help of the above method.

Final Verdict

That’s all about the content of Amazon Prime Video on Xbox. The article comprises all the needful and essential points to the users. It can cover all the useful information to you all. To get the application in an easy way, you can follow the above method. These are going to be beneficial at any time. To make your mind relaxed and fresh, you can watch this Amazon Prime Video content on Xbox without any further doubts and clarifications. Hope the article can help you at present and in the future.

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