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How to Watch Amazon prime Video on Nintendo Switch? [Updated]

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Hey Users!! Are you searching for the best and unlimited entertainment source on the internet? Do you want to stream the best games and videos on your Nintendo Switch?

If yes, the article brings to know about the important details of Amazon Prime on Nintendo Switch. Yes! You are going to see the basic notion of Amazon Prime Video and its features, and also you can get the steps to install the Amazon Prime Video app on your Nintendo Switch streaming device. Here we go.

Amazon Prime Video

To know the best streaming service, this part is elaborating on you to know the exact details. The best and most wonderful streaming source of the internet is Amazon Prime Video.

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Here, you can get lots of multi-featured videos, shows, tv series, movies, and so on. There are unlimited channels available in this Amazon Prime Video. You can enjoy it with your family and friends without any issues.

This is one of the digital distribution sources which carries all the essential contents to the users. It’s also an on-demand Subscription-based channel. You need to Subscribe to the channel and then you can get all the needful content. This is available in all languages.

So, without any queries, you can watch the content in your preferred language. Amazon Prime Video holds a vast collection of content which are applicable and favorite to the users. To know the extra details about Amazon Prime, you can follow the upcoming subjects.

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This is a subject to know the more particulars of Amazon Prime Video. Here, you are going to look at the essential details of the application. Do check the features of Amazon Prime Video.

  • Amazon Prime Video offers a 30 days free trial to the users.
  • It has Parental Controls to safeguard the kids.
  • You can get the “Amazon Music Channel” to the users.
  • It protects your data.
  • There is an option offline. You can download the videos and then watch them later.
  • The app is available in Android devices, Tablet, iOS, PC, Firestick, Roku, Nvidia Shield, Xbox Consoles, PlayStations, Chromecast enabled Smart TVs, and some others.
  • It’s one of the best family-friendly interfaces.
  • New contents are available for every new month.

Nintendo Switch

In the world of streaming sources and gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch plays a vital role. This is one of the best streaming devices. It’s only for gaming and streaming all the essential content. There are many applications available on this Nintendo Switch. The initial application is Hulu and YouTube in this Source. You can also connect it to TV, watch videos, install many streaming apps, and do many things.

Amazon Prime on Nintendo Switch

How to Watch Amazon Prime on Nintendo Switch

Is it possible to get Amazon Prime on Nintendo Switch?

On all Android and iOS devices, you can easily install the applications in the Google Play Store. Likewise, you can install many streaming applications in the Nintendo eShop. This is one of the best ways to get the apps. But, unfortunately, you are able to get the Amazon Prime Video app on your Nintendo Switch.

Is it possible to get an Amazon Prime Video URL on Nintendo Switch?

Sometimes, you can use to watch the URL to get the application on Nintendo Switch. The available website of Amazon Prime Video is But, Nintendo Switch sometimes, not allow you to enter specific URLs. Here, Amazon Prime Video URL also doesn’t work on this Nintendo Switch.

Alternate Method to get Amazon Prime on Switch 

There is one method is available to get your Amazon Prime on Nintendo Switch. But this is an unofficial method. The method is, you can jailbreak your Nintendo Switch and then try to steam the contents of Amazon Prime.

It has lots of instructions and limitations. You can use this method only on the version of 3.0 software. Here also, you’re unable to install the application. You can get the app by using the URL. It’s not a guaranteed process. It may work or sometimes may not work.

Is Amazon Prime Video available on Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, the application is not available on Nintendo Switch. You have to use some other method. For that, you can use the above subject.

Final Verdict

To conclude the article, you have to come to know that, basically Nintendo Switch is only for gaming. Sometimes, it can be used for streaming too. But, unfortunately, you are not able to get the Amazon Prime Video on this Nintendo Switch.

You can use the jailbreak method. This is the only way to use and stream the app on your Nintendo Switch. I Hope, the article can help you a lot. Make use of the content, when you want to stream Amazon Prime Video on Nintendo Switch.

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