How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Roku Streaming Device? [Updated]

Welcome, Roku users! Have you delved into your Channel store? Hopefully, you might have explored many of the familiar streaming services on the Roku store. Did you miss anything? If yes, the name might be Amazon Prime video. Since, It does not act as an inbuilt app like Netflix, HBO, or any other else available as premade channels on the Channel store. Whatever the apps you have, Prime Video is the most recommended choice ever. Luckily, there is a cent percent possibility there to add Amazon Prime Video Channel on Roku streaming player. Donno how? Our article will guide you in simple ways.

Overview of Amazon Prime

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Nowadays, Amazon Prime Video became inseparable from all kinds of TVs. All the smart TV users and smartphone users are looking for the compatible service of Prime Video on their devices. What do you want to watch? Amazon lets the user never will be delimited their experience of watching horror series, Catch-ups, documentaries, Exclusive shows, Award-winning movies, OTT movies. What else? Additionally, the Prime members are allowed to watch Prime Videos on different devices simultaneously. We can expect that Roku would be one of the devices compatible with Prime Video.

Amazon Prime on Roku

Actually, you will not find the inbuilt app of Amazon Prime on the Roku home screen. But, it is not mean that you fail to access the channel. Adding Prime on Roku is just like adding any other channel through the Channel store. Most probably, All the currently available models of Roku players are compatible with Prime Video. For all kinds of Roku models, you can follow these same steps stated in this article to add Amazon Prime. Furthermore, to get a better watching experience, try out the Roku 4k model. The 4K effects will give you a power pact lively experience.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Roku?

If you are a Roku user and looking for a Prime Video, it is too easy to get than you think. Yes. The foremost step will be installing a certain app from the Channel Store. And then, you have to activate the streaming device (Roku) from the Amazon Prime activation page. Once you are done, use the username & password of your Amazon account to watch whenever via Roku TV.

Amazon Prime on Roku
How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Roku

Let us directly dive into the procedure for adding Amazon Prime on Roku streaming devices.


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First of all, plug in the Roku media player to the Smart TVs you have. Next, switch on the devices and make sure with the Wifi access.


Next, take the Roku device remote and press the Home button on it.


On the Home page, you can see the Streaming Channels section located on the left side. Highlight it to get into the Roku Channel Store.


Here, make use of the search bar to start surf the Amazon Prime app.


From the list of suggestions, pick your channel and go ahead with it. Now, you will be land on the Prime Video instruction page/Description page.


Under the description, hit the Add Channel button. Soon, It will initiate the installation process of the Prime Video Channel on Roku.

How to Get started with Prime Video on Roku?

So, you are ready to launch the channel and stream the Amazon media. Right? Few more steps to go.


After finishing the successful installation, the Prime Video channel will add to the existing channels under the Roku Channel section.


Now, you can either tap on the signup button or Sign In button. Tap the sign-up button to watch the free trials offered by Amazon for 30 days.


If you want to sign in with your Amazon account, you have to register the Roku device on Amazon. For that, you need additional devices like a smartphone or computer.


In the chosen device, open the web browser. And there, visit this page


Here, you have to enter the activation code is displaying on the Roku-connected TV screen.


Or else, use the login details of Amazon Prime for the first time of opening the channel on Roku. Anyhow, you have to register the Roku device using the code.

Great! On the whole, you can access the instant recommendations of Prime on Roku TV. Now, you are pretty ready to watch the desired shows of Prime Video through Roku TV.


Is Amazon Prime available on Roku?

Yes. Indeed, it鈥檚 good news for all Roku users. They can stream Amazon content on the Roku-connected smart TVs and Roku TVs. Most importantly, they cannot access the inbuilt app of Prime Video. However, reading this post helps to know the procedure to add Prime Video Channel to the Roku Channel Store.

What are all the Roku models compatible with Amazon Prime?

Thankfully, Almost all of the recently launched Roku models are adapting Amazon Prime in their Channel stores. It includes Roku 2 & 3, Roku streaming stick & stick+, Roku Premiere & Premiere+, Roku express & express+, and Roku Ultra . Along with those models, Prime video works well on Roku TVs. At this moment, you need not connect any additional player. And so, you can start stream the Amazon Originals through the Roku TV.


To wrap up, adding Prime Video on Roku is not at all a difficult job. All the procedures are too with this article. I hope, all the necessary guides to add the channels are briefly stated in this post. If you find any issue while doing the installation, disconnect the device and plug it back in. Sometimes, you cannot stream the videos on the Prime Video channel. At that time, look at the available updates waiting for you. Once you update, you can continue to stream the series of Prime Video. That鈥檚 all regarding this write-up.

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