How to Install Amazon Prime Video on Telstra TV?

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Amazon Prime on Telstra TV: Hey peeps! Probably, most of us familiar with the Telstra brand and its technical products. Mostly, all of them are related to telecommunications.

Telstra brand offers you to buy mobiles, Televisions, voice-recognizing remote, and many products. Moreover, Telstra turned into a trusted brand, and it grabs recognization from many people in Australia.

So far, the users of Telstra awaited to get the best streaming app for their TV. And now, we are coming with the good news for you!

That is, Telstra OS is compatible with one of the worldwide streaming services called Amazon Prime. Wow! The Telstra company and Amazon Prime integrates their services to offer the dedicative Amazon Prime app for Telstra TV. Are you ready to explore the exciting Amazon Originals on Telstra TV? Fine. Don’t omit any of the guidelines in this article.

Prime Video on Telstra TV

At present, Amazon Prime members of Australia are not limited to access the streaming app. They can go ahead with the subscription and watch all the award-winning films on their couch.

Do you know one thing, you will get fresh content each month. Ready to explore the fresh and exclusive TV shows & thriller series. So, you will get non-stop entertainment with exciting web series at any time.

Additionally, Telstra TV comes up with a voice assistant remote. Just by giving a voice command, your TV will act accordingly. It makes your searching process simple and makes you navigate anywhere across the Telstra TV platform. If it’s not comfortable for you, you can go with the ordinary way of using the TV remote.

Perhaps, Subscribe with the Prime video on Telstra TV. You can either opt for a monthly or yearly package. If you don’t want to watch the Amazon content always on the Telstra, you can go for another way. Prime allows the user to download the content on compatible devices like smartphones, tablets. It lets you watch desired content on the hand-in devices. Along with that, every new user of Prime can start a 30-days free trial.

How to Install Amazon Prime on Telstra TV?

All the latest versions of Telstra TVs are compatible with the direct app support of Amazon Prime. The adding process is just like adding any other apps like Netflix, Hulu, and so on.

Amazon Prime on telstra TV
How to Install Amazon Prime on telstra TV


First of all, power up the Telstra TV and connect with Internet access.

Internet connection to your device
Internet connection to your device


Next, Take the Telstra remote. With this, you can either give a voice comment or simply enter the appropriate buttons on the remote.


Use the TV remote to navigate your control to land on the application store of your Telstra TV. Here, search Amazon Prime on the search field.

Search for the needed app on your device
Search for the needed app on your device


Hit the download button to install the app on your Telstra TV. As per your internet bandwidth, the downloading process will finish up soon.


Now, Open the Prime Video app and give the correct login details of your Amazon Prime membership account.

Log in
Log in

Great! You are getting set and go with the Amazon Prime app. For further use, you can see the Prime Video app under the Apps section of the Telstra TV.

How to Fix Amazon Prime video not working on Telstra – Alternative solution:

Most importantly, not all the models of Telstra TVs support the Amazon Prime application. There is no such Prime Video app is available on the Older version of the Telstra TV store. At this moment, what will you do? It is not meant that you will never be a user of Prime Video.

Hopefully, you would have some pocket-friendly devices like Android, iOS smartphones, or Personal computers. It is to mention that, most of the time, screen mirroring is the recommended choice. Let see how to mirror Amazon Prime on the Telstra TV screen.

  1. At first, unlock your mobile device and connect the hotspot well.
  2. Next, you have to install Amazon Prime from the respective Store of your device. (Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS)
  3. Meanwhile, turn on your Telstra TV. Most notably, connect the TV & mobile device with the same WIFI access.
  4. Now, play any media of Amazon Prime on a mobile device. Swipe down your current screen to see the Notification Panel. There, you can turn up the casting feature.
  5. Soon, you will get a prompt on the Telstra TV screen. It says, accepts the pairing with a mobile device. Just say accept using voice commentary or press the ok button to accept the pairing.
  6. That’s all. The Amazon Prime will appear as it is on your Telstra TV screen. Enjoy watching the catch-ups of Prime Video.


What is special about Telstra TV?

All the Telstra customers will get a TV remote while purchasing the TV. In general, using the remote for controlling your TV is a usual thing. The specialty of Telstra TV is, you will get a voice-enabled remote to minimize the usage of a directional pad.

Where can I find Amazon Prime on Telstra TV?

  1. If your Telstra TV offers the native app of Amazon Prime, which you can access under the Apps section on the TV.
  2. Or else, You have to download it. For that, Open the Telstra TV store. Here, you can see the downloaded application.

Can I mirror Amazon Prime on Telstra TV?

Yes! Of course. Mirroring will simplify the process of downloading the Prime app on your TV. And, you can know the important steps using this post.

Bottom Line

Well done! Now, you are pretty ready to catch the catch-ups flying on the air TV, on-demand videos, and lots of stuff compiled on the Amazon Prime application. To make easy interaction with your Telstra TV, this article really helps you. You can use this write-up to set up the initialization processes. Otherwise, share your mobile screen with the TV. Reflect on all the steps in your action and I hope everything works well.

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