How to Install and Activate Amazon Prime Video on BT TV?

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Amazon Prime on BT TV: Hey friends! Your most favorite Amazon Prime service is available on BT TV now! However, BT itself delivers all the live content, especially sports-related content. Along with that, you can add Amazon Prime Video too.

The best part is you can watch Prime Video on BT under one remote, one set-top box, and one bill too. It really focuses on you to pay less and get more benefits under one roof.

Hopping you are excited to know more about this. Of course, you are yet to know so many optimized features on Amazon prime. This article comprises of adding Amazon Prime on BT TV and guide to setting up the services.

How to add Amazon Prime Video on BT TV?

As we discussed earlier, the BT service ultimately integrated with Amazon Prime. It means any BT TV customer can add the Prime Video subscription with the same bill. It is closely similar to adding a channel to your existing set-top box. If you are a new customer, you can add the service by ordering online. Or else all the existing customers of BT can get the Prime Video via MY BT. If it does not work well, you can contact customer care support.

The most important step is the activation process of your Prime membership in the BT device. Most importantly, the subscriber cannot finish up this process as usual. When you suppose to activate the membership, you will get the email immediately. That email provides the activation link for you. You need not wait much. The support team will send you the link within a couple of minutes.

In case if you fail to get the link within a minute, you can check it out from the junk folder or spam folders. Thankfully, the link will last for 30 days. You can make use of the activation link for nearly a month. After this period, your Amazon prime order will automatically cancel, and you have to order it once again. The users can do all the above-stated steps through the store, online, or directly calling the service providers. This is how you can opt for the activation of a Prime account.

How to Install and Activate Prime Video on BT TV?

On the activation page, you have to click the Activate button. After that, you will see the congratulations message on the screen. Meanwhile, you will receive an email from both the Amazon page and also in MY BT page. This email represents to confirm your successful activation process. All done. On the next screen, you can hit the Watch Now button.  Now you are ready to get started with the Prime Video.

Amazon Prime on BT TV
How to Install & Activate Amazon Prime on BT TV


The foremost step is you have to ready with the activation. Power up your TV and ensure the BT box connection.


If you want to watch Prime on your TV screen, you have to open the Prime Video Player from the BT TV box.


Navigate your access to jump into the Players and Apps category. Here, pick out the Amazon Prime Video channel.


Now, Press the Home button or Youview button on the BT remote. After that, you have to sign in with the Amazon account details on the SignIn field.

Log in
Log in


Kindly, enter the proper email address and relevant password to get started with the service quickly.


Click on the Home screen. Below that you can see all the recommendations and video pages of Amazon. Finally, tap the videos you like to watch.

Stream AMAZON PRIME on your device
Stream AMAZON PRIME on your device

That’s all. Based on your Internet bandwidth, you are good to move with the Amazon Originals on your BT TV.


How to set up parental PIN set up while adding Amazon Prime on BT TV?

Hopefully, Amazon itself offers its own parental controls using the separate PIN.

  1. If you have already set up the parental controls on your Amazon account, you can enter the same PIN before watching the videos via the BT box.
  2. Most importantly, you will be notified about parental access, while launching the Amazon Prime on BT box. From here, you can give the PIN for parental access.
  3. Once you enter the PIN, you will not be prompted to enter the PIN for the next time. Automatically, parental control works well for further.

How will I be charged for accessing Amazon Prime on BT TV?

Generally, you have to renew the Amazon Subscription every month. You will receive the bill after a month, from which date you have activated the service. But, it may vary for the Prime Video users subscribing via the BT box. In such cases, the Amazon bill appears on the BT service bill.

Sometimes, you wish to rent or buy exclusive shows or movies outside of Prime membership. At this moment, you must have an active registration with your debit or credit card with the Amazon platform. These extra add-on services are not listed in the BT bill. Therefore, you will get the bill of additional items in the Amazon account.

Final Verdict

That’s all we want to discuss with you about Amazon Prime on BT TV. All the workarounds are quite different. At the same time, they are not much complex. All you need to follow the customer care instruction properly. In addition to that, keep an eye on the activation link. You have to renew the service every month. And also, you can cancel the service at any time as per your wish. I hope all the options are comfortable for you to explore the Amazon content via the BT TV box.

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