How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV in 2021 [3 Best Methods]

Hello Apple brand admirers! Have you explored your Apple TV application store? If you did, you might have crossed all the supportive streaming platforms. Thankfully, all the latest Apple TV customers can add the dedicative App of Amazon Prime from the App Store. Not only in App Store but there are also alternative ways to watch the Amazon content on the Apple TV.

It is applicable even your TV is not adapt to the native app of Amazon Prime. Let see the possible ways with the easy guidelines. This article guides you further. Pick any one of the procedures that suit you well.

Amazon Prime on Apple TV

Hope you all know the fantastic feature of Amazon. I’m sure once you start to stream the Amazon Originals, you will addict to it. Amazon Prime comprises a lot of documentaries, Web series, romantic series, thriller shows, OTT movies, and more. Imagine that watching exclusive movies and TV shows on your advanced Apple TV screen. As we very well know that Apple TV and its immense specifications.

You will experience the stunning features and clarity of movies on Apple TV. Isn’t it interesting? Of course. Okay. Shall we come to the point? How will you watch Amazon streaming media on Apple TV? The steps are too easy. Here we work out the steps.

  • Download the Amazon Prime Video app from the Apple TV store.
  • Watch Amazon Prime using Airplay from iOS devices.
  • Watch Amazon Prime using Airplay from a Mac computer.

How to Install Amazon Prime on Apple TV?

All the Apple TV users of generation 2 or 3 can able to hit the Amazon Prime Video app from the Home page. It is too easy to head over to the app and initialize the Prime membership configuration. If yours is not 2nd or 3rd generation of Apple TVs, you should do the following steps.

Amazon Prime on Apple TV
How to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV


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First of all, Power up your Apple Tv and land on the App Store.


Here, you can able to see the Prime Video under the Now Streaming section. As Prime Video is the most popular app, it appears in the first submenu.


In case you could not find the app here, jump to the search box. Start to search the required term and click the Open button to get into the Prime Video app.

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Inside the app, hit the download option that is located next to the descriptions.


After the downloading gets over, you will prompt to enter the SignIn details of Amazon Prime.


If you already finish up the Amazon subscription, all the content included in your package will appear on the Apple TV screen.

How to watch Amazon Prime using iOS devices on Apple TV? (Airplay)


At first, download the Prime Video from the App Store of iOS devices. (iPhone or iPad). Along with that, open the app and proceed with the SignIn process.


Now, you can see all the recommended videos on the screen. Click on the media and play it. Meanwhile, hit the Airplay icon placed at the top-right corner of your device.


On the next screen, you can notice all the possible devices are ready to pair up with. Probably, you will see the Apple TV. Tap on the name of your Apple TV.


Soon, your Apple screen will get the same content currently playing on the iOS device. At last, you are good to stream the series on the big TV screen.

How to watch Amazon Prime using a Mac computer on Apple TV? (Airplay)


Initially, switch on your Mac computer and fix the internet access.


Hover to the web browser on the Mac and visit Furthermore, finish up the sign-in section.


On the media screen, tap to play any of your desired videos. Meanwhile, see the toolbar of your Mac computer. Here, you have to press the AirPlay icon.


Immediately, you can see the drop-down box with available nearby devices to Airplay your screen. In that, choose your Apple TV.


Next, your Mac will ask you to enter the code displayed on the Apple TV. Type the code correctly, to begin with, Airplay the content on the TV.


Which generation Apple TV version compatible with Amazon Prime?

Hopefully, all the Apple TV versions are supported Prime Video App. The only thing is the accessing process may vary.

  • The Apple TV generation of 2 and 3 made the way simple to open the Amazon Prime. This version of TVs shows the app on the Home screen itself.
  • If you are a first-generation, fourth, or the latest generation of Apple TV, you are lucky enough to access Amazon Prime from the App Store The necessary steps to get the app from the Apple TV store are detail discussed in this article.

How to get subtitles for Amazon content on the Apple TV?

If you want to enable the subtitles option, start to play any video from the Amazon app. Then, navigate your access to click the Menu. Below that, you can choose the Subtitles. After that, the subtitles will reflect on the lower half of the Apple TV screen.

Bottom Line

Alright! Finally, we have reached the end of this context. I hope, this article lets you know the three different ways to watch Amazon Prime on the brand new Apple TV. Whatever the generation of your Apple TV may be, you can stream the Prime Video using these simple methods. Especially, this article is really favorable for iOS & Mac users. Ultimately, this post covers all the steps to airplay the Amazon series on Apple TV.

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