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How to Fix How to Fix Amazon Prime Not Working on Smart TV? [Fixed]

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Fix Amazon Prime Not Working on Smart TV: Amazon Prime Video application is one of the best streaming sources in the world of the internet. It has some basic qualities to function in a very good way. But, sometimes it may be affected by some issues. Are you facing any kinds of issues in Amazon Prime Video?

And do you want to get rid of these issues? Okay, let’s read the article without skipping anything.

Because, the article helps you to provide the information of, if your Amazon Prime is not working in your Smart TV, you may be facing some problems without knowing. Here is the solution to all your doubts. Let’s go.

The Reasons and Solutions to Fiz Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Smart TV

Amazon Prime Not Working on Smart TV
How to Fix Amazon Prime Not Working on Smart TV

1) Restart your Smart TV

The first thing, you need to do that Restart your Smart TV. If you restart your smart tv, it can solve all your issues with the app. And it starts again.

Otherwise, you can unplug your Tv for some more minutes and then replug it back. It can help you sometimes. This is a method of reconnection for your TV. So, your application will work automatically.

2)Check for Updates

In your Smart TV, you need to check for updates. If you have any updates, check it and update your Smart TV. Once you have updated your Smart TV, it provides many new features to the Amazon Prime application. Your app will start work as usual.

3)Make Sure your Amazon Prime Video Account is Active

Amazon Prime Video app is only applicable for those who are creating the Amazon Prime account. And they should be a member of Amazon Prime. Likewise, the user account is active all the time. To check this, go to your Amazon Prime Account “Settings” option and then check whether it’s “paid” and “active”. Then you can start using your application.

4) Internet Connection

The WiFi connection to your Smart TV is always Mandatory. Because, the network connection makes you watch all your Amazon Prime contents all the time. So, make sure you have connected the WiFi network on your Smart TV.

5)Try on another device

If your Amazon Prime Video app is not working on your Smart TV, you can try it on other devices. If you can try various devices, you can find the solution. Whether the app works on other devices properly, then the problem is on your Smart TV. For that, you can reboot your Smart TV and then use it again.

6)Reinstall the Application

The problem still continues, if you use all the above methods, better you can uninstall the application and then reinstall it. You can newly sign-in the app with your personal details and stream your Amazon Prime Video Contents. Surely it will help.

Why is Amazon Prime Video not working on Smart TV?

There are several reasons behind this issue. So, you can use the above methods to get rid of these hurdles.

Final Verdict

The article enhances the basic notions and solutions in an exact manner. If you are not able to work your Amazon Prime Video application on the Smart TV, you can make use of this article and then find the proper solution.

There are many issues and the solutions are mentioned in the above subject. Find what’s your specific problem and the specific solution. The article will help you in the time of facing this particular issue. Hope the article can help you in a better way.

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