How to Setup and Use Amazon Firestick on Vizio Smart TV? [Updated 2022]

Hello Friends. This is a platform to get an amazing product of Firestick on Vizio Smart TV. It leads you an excellent video and audio quality. Here, this Vizio smart tv enhances the best experience. The following text contains important details of Firestick and setup method, usages on Vizio Smart TV. This is a brand of smart TV. It allows you to watch all kinds of video content and HD video quality. This is different from other smart TVs. 

About Firestick

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Firestick is a best known online device which supports many applications. The special firestick device is manufactured by Amazon. It works well and offers amazing video content. This device is most popular and competes directly with other devices. You can watch a lot of videos streamed over your internet connection to your television. The Amazon firestick is a bit stick that attaches your HDTV to a universe of online entertainment. It’s a huge selection all over the world. 

The device streams many movies, TV shows, songs from Amazon prime video, Hotstar, and Gaana, and many more services. You can set up and use this device easily with your television. It has a massive selection. There are thousands of titles and favorite episodes, songs, and games. In the end, this is a fantastic device to stream your TV with entertainment.

How to Setup Firestick on Vizio Smart TV?

Setup Firestick on Vizio TV
How to Use Amazon Firestick on Vizio Smart TV

It has some suitable products to set up the firestick on Vizio Smart TV. There is One Amazon firestick, Alexa voice remote and two triple-A batteries, power adapter, and one USB cable, and HDMI extender cable. 

Step1: First you have to find your remote to install the batteries. You have to insert the batteries in the remote.

Step2: After inserting the batteries, replace the cover in the back. Now you are ready to move on the next step.

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Step3: Next, On the back of your TV, locate your HDMI port and grab to plug your HDMI extender cable into that free HDMI port. 

Step4: Then, plug your Amazon firestick on your HDMI extender cable. This process gives you more comfortable for your firestick as well as your TV.

Firestick on Vizio TV
Plugin Firestick on Vizio TV

Step5: Firestick needs power. Now plug your USB cable into the power adapter.

Firestick on Vizio TV
Power Adapter

Step6: It takes the next 10 minutes to optimize the system storage and application.

Step7: Finally, it shows you the login details. These are the setup process, now you are ready to use Amazon firestick on Vizio Smart TV.

How to Use Firestick on Vizio Smart TV?

The setup process is getting over now. Now it’s time to use the TV with the remote. With the home button, you begin the process.

Step1: First, Access your Firestick, Power up it, and Switch on Your TV. 

Firestick on Vizio TV
Set up Firestick on Vizio TV

Step2: Then you have to select your language. 

Firestick on Vizio TV
Select your language

Step3: Next, connect the WiFi networks in the firestick range. 

Firestick on Vizio TV
Wifi Connection

Step4: After the WiFi connection, it connects your account session. Now, sign in with your Amazon username and password.

Firestick on Vizio TV
Amazon Account

Step5: It’s time to move on with your parental control session. There are many videos, movies available. You can choose to enable it. In this parental restrain option, you will get numerous features.

Firestick on Vizio TV
Parental Control on Firestick

Step6: Now, the content is ready on your TV. You can enjoy lots of titles using firestick on your Vizio Smart TV.

Method to Use CEC on Vizio Smart TV

CEC expands as Consumer Electronics Control. It’s another device to use the firestick remote. You can control and use your television through this device instantly. The following section contains the steps of CEC on Vizio Smart TV.

Step1: First on your Vizio remote and click the “menu button”.

Step2: Now Go to the “Settings”.

Step3: You can easily view the ” System” option on the display settings page.

Firestick on Vizio TV
System option

Step4: Then, you can search for the “System” option and press it.

Step5: Now you will get “CEC” by clicking the system option.

Firestick on Vizio TV
CEC on Vizio TV

Step6: This CEC is an in-built option in the firestick device. You can easily approach CEC on your Vizio TV through pressing left or right. 

That’s it. These all are the simple steps to use the CEC on your Vizio Smart TV.

Final Verdict

Vizio Smart TV is an amazing product available online and offline. But adding a Firestick gives more valuable experience. The method of setup and usage is simple and easy. You can get many advantages of Amazon apps, games, music, and movies. Actually it works well and gives enthusiasm. The best advantage is you can easily access the CEC method on your Vizio tv. These functions are also simple enough to use. Firestick on Vizio Smart TV is a great option to the users. Also, If you are looking for Apps for Smart TV check on Smart TV Apps Guide an especially for VIZIO SMART TV check here.

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