Fire Stick Channels List 2022 [Updated April]

Best Amazon Fire Stick Channels List: Technological improvements have given us various smart devices. Some of them are streaming devices like smart TVs and Amazon Firestick. Certainly, both of them are one of the perfect combos for entertainment.

Speaking about the Amazon Firestick, it has become instantly popular among streamers. What can you do with Firestick? Well, everything is possible when it comes to streaming on Fire Stick. Chiefly it allows you to watch a plethora of shows through various online channels.

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Eventually, you can install a lot of streaming apps and channels that are available in various genres. Luckily the Firestick device has a built-in Amazon app store from where you can download your favorite apps and channels.

As there are so many channels are available, people get often confused. Many of them have been asking for the best channels on Firestick. So we have made an article on it and provided the complete list of the best channels that you can get on your Amazon Firestick.

Fire Stick Channels List 

Best Amazon Fire Stick Channels List
Fire Stick Channels List

The Amazon Firestick is the result of the rapid development in technology. It is a USB pen drive-like device that provides you access to a lot of online services just with an active internet connection. Certainly, just with a Wifi connection, it can fetch you a plethora of movies and TV shows from the internet.

By plugging the Fire Stick into the HDMI port of your smart TV you can watch high-definition videos through many streaming services. Another reason for its popularity is that it allows you to load and install various third-party streaming services without any hassle.

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Coming to the Best Amazon Firestick channels, you have the best content from almost every genre like Sports, News, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Education, and much more. The best part is you can install all those services easily from the Amazon App Store at free of cost.

Best Amazon Firestick Channels Lists for Sports

Best Sports Fire TV Channel
Best Fire Stick Channel for Sports

Basically, National Football League is abbreviated as NFL. It is an American Football League that consists of 32 teams. Those 32 teams were divided into AFC and NFC. They are American Football Conference and National Football Conference. It is one of the highest professional levels of American Football in the world.

As the name signifies, Yahoo Sports is a website that gives you every information related to sports. The majority of the information on the site is gathered from STATS Inc. With the Yahoo Sports app you can get news like comprehensive news, fantasy games, rumors, scores, standings, & much more. NBA, NFL, MLB, Fantasy are some of the games that you get on the Yahoo Sports app.

Basically, Fox Sports is a sports streaming service to watch all your favorite sports. With the latest Fox Sports app, you can watch live scores, team news, players news, and schedules covering MLB, NFL, WWE, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, and much more.

The best part is this Fox Sports app is completely free to install and use on compatible devices. Significantly, you will need a streaming service to access the Fox Sports application and its content.

Are you looking for an app that feeds you every event related to sports? Then, ESPN is the one for you. With the ESPN app, you will never miss any sporting events that you consider important. The ESPN app lets you access your favorite games like Cricket, Football, NBA, NFL, Tennis, MLB, & more.

In simple words, NBC Sports is an American Sports streaming division of the NBC network. Certainly, it is owned and operated by NBC Universal and a subsidiary of Comcast. As the name denotes, NBC Sports is responsible for broadcasting the sports content in the network. With the NBC Sports app, you can watch live sporting events, NBA, NFL, and much more.


In simple words, NFL Sunday Ticket is a sports package that broadcasts National Football League games that are unavailable in your local area. Because it is possible to stream the NFL games only in certain places. By using the NFL Sunday Ticket you can watch the exclusive Sunday afternoon games. Certainly, the NFL app is available for various streaming devices like Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and much more.

If you have been searching for the best app to stream football, then Hesgoal is the one. Certainly, Hesgoal is a sports streaming app that focuses on broadcasting every nook and corner related to football. In addition to football, you can also watch other sports matches like soccer, UFC, boxing, NFL, tennis, and much more at your fingertip. 


CBS Sports is an online streaming network that gets all the sports events from popular streaming services to your smartphone and various compatible devices. Speaking about the coverage, this pay-television network streams content from NFL, MLB, NHL, soccer, PGA tour golf, and much more. This app is completely free to install and stream on compatible devices. You will never require any cable or satellite subscription to access the service. 


Fox Sports or Fox Sports Media which is stylized as FOX Sports is responsible for broadcasting sports-related content. It was carried out through various of its native channels like Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, and Fox Radio Network. The respective Fox Sports app is completely free to install. But it requires a Pay TV subscription to access its content on your screen.

Basically, Sky Sports is an online sports streaming service that is owned and operated by Sky Group. Certainly, you will need a cable or IPTV subscription to get and watch the group of Sky Sports channels. The service includes both Basic and Premium subscription packages. Premier Leagues, Main events, Football, Golf, Cricket, F1, Action, and News are broadcast by the Sky Sports Network. 

Fubo TV is one of the best online streaming services to stream your favorite live and on-demand sports. This app includes 100+ live channels like NFL, NBA, MLB, Fox, ESPN, NFL Network, NFL RedZone, and much more. In addition to this, Fubo TV includes 10,000 hours of on-demand content to stream. The best part with this app is that you will get a trial period of 7 days to check the quality of the service. 

In simple words, BT Sport is one of the best and free channels available on Firestick. Certainly, it is a pay television sports channel that is available in the United Kingdom. The BT Sport app is the home for rugby union, live football, UFC, Boxing, and much more to explore. 

  • MLB

Are you a person who loves Baseball? If your answer is Yes, you can watch all baseball matches and shows with MLB. Major League Baseball is known as MLB. And it is the oldest major professional league in the world. MLB has 30 teams. They are divided into 15 National League and 15 American League.

In simple words, TBS is an American Pay Television network owned and operated by WarnerMedia Studios & Networks. Certainly, it delivers all your favorite programmings from comedy, News, to sports events. TBS also includes a live TV option but everything is on a subscription basis. The best part is you won’t need a satellite or cable service to avail of the service. 

TNT is an online streaming service that focuses on broadcasting online movies, TV shows, and sports content. The only thing you require is a TV service providers subscription. So you can watch your favorites anytime anywhere with the TNT app. Certainly, the TNT app supports most of the popular TV providers like AT&T, Spectrum, DirecTV, Optimum, Dish, and much more. 

  • NBA

The National Basketball Association is abbreviated as NBA. It is a professional basketball league that is conducted in North America. With 30 basketball teams, NBA is one of the leading professional basketball leagues in the U.S and Canada. Certainly, with the NBA App on your Firestick, you can stream professional men’s basketball matches, news, scores, game stats, and much more. 

  • NHL

NHL is one of the oldest team sports leagues that is conducted in North America. Certainly, it is a professional Ice Hockey game that was founded in the year 1917. At this point, many improvements have been made and now it is possible to stream the popular ice hockey league via the NHL app. With the single NHL app, you can get news, game stats, scores, standings, fantasy games, and much more related to the ice hockey game.

  • UFC
  • DAZN
  • Tennis Channel

Best Fire Stick Channel List for Movies

Best Amazon Firestick Channels List for Movies
Best Amazon Firestick Channels List for Movies

HBO Go is an American Cable Network. If you are an HBO subscriber, then you can freely access selections of HBO content on HBO Go. With HBO Go, you can watch 2000+ hours of content. Also, you can watch some HBO content such as Big Little Lies, Togetherness, Groundbreaking documentaries, and so on. The HBO Go is compatible with most devices such as Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and more.

HBO Max is basically a video streaming service that gets you all the content broadcasted by HBO. Namely, it is an American on-demand video streaming service that is owned by AT&T Warner Media. With the HBO Max app, you can watch your favorite movies, blockbuster series, Max originals, and much more for just $15/month without advertisement and $10 with ads.

  • AMC

Basically, AMC is a TV channel that broadcasts theatrically released films and some original TV series. It is an American multinational television channel that is owned by AMC Networks. With the AMC app, you can watch various and amazing shows like The Walking Dead, Killing Eve, Fear the Walking Dead, Mad Men, and much more from the rest of your couch.

Best Amazon Fire TV Channel lists for News

Amazon Firestick Channels
Best Firestick Channels List for News

CBS News is the one such app that you were searching to get the groundbreaking live news at your palm. Chiefly this news app is one of the divisions of American television and radio service, CBS. With the CBS News app, you can watch programs like CBS Mornings, CBS Evening News, Sunday Morning political affairs, and much more. In simple words, it is the app that gets you the information that is shaping the world.


Fox News, which is commonly abbreviated as FNC(Fox  News Channel) is a news television channel that is owned by Fox Corporation. With the Fox News Channel app, you can watch the current happenings in the US anywhere anytime. Certainly, the respective Fox News app also provides you the live streaming and on-demand content. 

  • CNN GO

If you are living inside the U.S then CNN Go could be the best app to get the happenings around you. Yes, it is an online news streaming app that provides you with live and on-demand content. Actually, it is a subscription-based service that you can access by entering your service provider’s username and password. The app is available on various streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, Android, and Amazon Firestick. 

ABC News is one of the trustable sources to stream breaking news, live updates, and news analysis. It is the news broadcasting division of Walt Disney’s ABC broadcast network. In addition to daily evening newscasts, it includes various other programs like Good Morning America, Primetime, Newsline, and political affairs during sundays. 


Best Amazon Fire Stick Channels List for Kids

In simple words, PBS Kids is an online streaming service that is used to watch kids’ based content. You can use the app to watch various live streamings, on-demand content, and educational game videos. Certainly, it is one of the safest platforms for children to watch their favorite cartoons and entertainment videos. As the videos in this PBS Kids app are updated regularly you will always have something new to watch. 

  • NICK JR.

Best Amazon Fire Stick Channels List for Weather

Best Amazon Firestick Channels List for Fitness

Peloton is a media and exercise equipment-based company in America. They are known for manufacturing exercise equipment like internet-connected bicycles and treadmills. Certainly, it is a subscription-based service that you can use from your home. In simple words, it is a home fitness program that comes with an app. Subscribers can avail themselves of both live and on-demand classes with the Peloton app.


Best Amazon FireTV Channels List for Music

Best Fire TV Channels List for Music
Best Fire TV Channels List for Music

Searching for the best music streaming app? Then Spotify is the one that gets all the est and your favorite songs at your fingertip. Well, Spotify is a famous app that needs no introduction. To say in a nutshell, with the Spotify app you can listen to new music, your favorite artists, songs, & albums for free. Certainly, the best part with this app is that you can stream all your music completely for free with some ads.


Pandora is a music streaming company that provides you with a personalized listening experience to your favorite songs. It’s a premium streaming service that offers you two variants of subscription packages. That is Pandora Premium and Pandora Plus. With the single Pandora app, you listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, playlists, radio, and much more. 

Best Local Channel for Firestick

Sling TV is one of the best Firestick channels that are natively available on the Amazon Store. It provides both free and paid streaming content on a single app. With its 200+ channels, it always has something for everyone. Certainly, with the all-in-one Sling TV app, you can stream various genres of content like News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, KidsShow, Sports, & International content. 


YouTube TV is one of the popular streaming services that get you cable-free live streaming. Certainly, it could be one of the best cord-cutter channels that are natively available on your Firestick. Its services include live TV, on-demand video, and cloud-based DVR facilities. The best part is that the app is compatible and downloadable on various smart streaming devices. 

Other Amazon FireTV Channels


I hope now you will be clear with the best apps and channels that you can install on your Firestick. Fire Stick is one of the amazing and powerful streaming devices that you can get for your smart TV.

The advantage with the Fire Stick device is that you can install many third-party channels indeed the availability in the Amazon store.

Certainly, the best part is the apps are available for all sorts of audiences from kids to adults. Additionally, it could save a lot of subscription costs compared to the traditional cable TV service. As you will be paying only to the streaming service that you wish to use.

As a result, there will be no need to pay for the channels that you ever use. But you have to be careful while installing third-party streaming apps. It is advisable to use a reliable and safe VPN for Firestick.


What Channels are included in Amazon Fire Stick?

Well, it is not a simple task to provide all the channels that are included in Amazon Fire Stick. Below given are some of the popular channels that you can use on your Fire Stick.

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max
  • Apple TV
  • Paramount+
  • Peacock TV
  • Prime Video

How many Free channels are available in Firestick?

Accordingly, there are more than 200+ free channels for your access on Amazon Firestick. It includes ABS News Live, NBC News Now, Pluto TV, Peacock TV, etc.

How to Get Free Channels on Firestick?

Well, Firestick users can easily download and install the free channels from the Amazon App Store. Check whether the channel that you are going to download has any subscription fee before getting into the process.

What are the best Live TV Streaming Apps?

Following are some of the free and the best live TV streaming apps that you can use on Firestick.

  • LiveNetTV
  • Mobdro TV
  • Pluto TV
  • Eternal TV
  • Sling TV
  • Fubo TV
  • Hulu
  • YouTube TV

How much is Firestick Per Month?

Well, there is no monthly fee that you need to pay for Firestick. It is a one-time investment that you will be doing in affording a Firestick. Amazon Prime members will get some additional advantages on certain premium apps like Hulu, Netflix, etc with their subscription.


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