What Channel is Alabama Game on Dish? [2023]

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Alabama Game on Dish: A warm welcome with the new exciting sports content. Being a sportsman is not an easy thing. But practice makes everything possible. Little drops make a mighty ocean. So if you put a little practice every day into your passion, it will give you huge recognition. In the same way, every famous football heroes are just a player in their college times. So now you can understand what type of article this is. This article explains one of the good college football teams and one of the most subscribed streaming services.

The above paragraph conveys the Alabama Tide Football and the streaming provider Dish. Alabama is a well-known football team in the United States. So streaming their game strategy to defeat the opposite team is exciting to watch on the big screen. Now Dish has so many upgraded facilities to satisfy the customers. So watching Dish TV content gives a realistic feel ever. That’s why we choose to make this article to convey how to stream Alabama Game on Dish. So please read the article below without skipping words to know the official information about Alabama Game and Dish Network.

Who Are Alabama?

The Alabama Tide Football is well known as Alabama competes in the Football Bowl Subdivision of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. They played their first game in 1892. The Alabama team is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Nick Saban leads the Alabama team as head coach. Greg Byrne is the Athletic Director of the Alabama team. Usually, The Alabama Tide Football team plays in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Alabama has had 28 coaches since 1892. Eight coaches of the Alabama team won Conference championships: Wade, Thomas, Drew, Bryant, Curry, Stallings, Dubose, and Saban.

Short Note on Dish

Digital Sky Highway is an American streaming provider and the owner of a direct-broadcast satellite provider. The dish streaming provider is Dish Network, which offers mobile and Dish wireless. Initially founded in 1980 as Original EchoStar, and later in 1996 refounded as Dish Network. Originators of Dish Network are Jim DeFranco, Charlie Ergen, and Cantey Ergen. The headquarters of Dish Streaming Network is located in Meridian, Colorado, US. Products of Dish are Premium television, pay-per-view, Over-the-top media services, and satellite television.

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Subscription Plans of Dish

Dish streaming service provides four types of packages to its users. The four types of packages are beneficial at affordable prices. Especially this section is created to convey the exact and current information about the Subscription plans of the Dish network. Following are the subscription plans of Dish network.

America’s Top 120

The subscription price of America’s Top 120 is $69.99 per month. This subscription plan offers 190 channels with a 2-year TV Price guarantee. In this package, we can stream all the local channels. Some channels of America’s Top 120 are A&E, Disney Channel, INSP, AXS TV, E!, ION, RWBYD, Alma Vision Hispanic Network, EPIC, Impact Network, In Country Television, ESPN, and America’s Voice.

America’s Top 120+

$84.99 per month is the subscription cost of America’s Top 120+ package. This package offers more than 190 channels with 28000 free On Demand titles. Some channels of America’s Top 120+ are C-SPAN, C-SPAN 2, FX, MTV, Tennis Channel, FXX, MTV2, The Cowboy Channel, CGTN Espanol, Famil Movies Classics, NASA, TLC, CGTN News, Foot Network, NFL Network, Three Angels Broadcasting, and Grit.

America’s Top 200

The monthly subscription cost of America’s Top 200 is $94.99. This subscription plan offers over 240 channels with 35000 free On Demand titles. Some channels of America’s Top 200 are Animal Planet, Eternal World Television Network, Magnolia Network, BBC America, FETV, MeTV, Daystar, ION, RFD-TV, USA, Discovery Channel, Impact Network, and Discovery Family.

America’s Top 250

$104.99 is the monthly subscription cost of America’s Top 250. It provides more than 290 channels with 36000 free On Demand titles. Some channels of America’s Top 250 are ACC Network, Estrella TV, MoviePlex, AXS TV, Circle, Comedy Central, HGTV, Reelz, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, QVC, UniMas, CNN, Headline News, QVC2, UniMas HD, Cartoon Network, and Heroes & Icons.

On What Channel is Alabama Game on Dish?

Alabama game is one of the famous football games in their region. Every college student in the area eagerly wants to watch their Game. The college students and most people of Alabama are interested in streaming their games. So if we notice where to stream the Alabama Tide Football team, we first have to know The Alabama Game is a COLLEGE Football team. At the same time, The Alabam team hasn’t separated sports channels to telecast their game. But don’t think your search to watch Alabama Game on Dish is wasted because this article gives another solution to stream the Alabam Game on Dish. Yes! Many popular sports channels on Dish telecast the Alabama Tide Football game. So you can watch their game on the following channel. The below table clarifies the channel names which telecast the Alabama game and its accurate channel number.

Alabama Game on Dish
What Channel is Alabama Game on Dish?

Channel Name Channel Number
SEC Network 404 / 408
FOX Sports 1 150
FOX Sports 2 149
ESPN 140
ESPN2 143

The above channel numbers are referred from the official website of Dish; indeed, you can stream the Alabama Game through the above channels.

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This portion is the wind-up part of this post. The above article included all the official information about the Alabama football team and Dish provider. The Alabama Football team is one of the growing football teams in the United States. Indeed they will play all the conference games with their potential. Dish Network is one of the most subscribed television networks in the United States because of its features. Streaming the Alabama game on Dish is possible in many ways. Because the Alabama game is broadcasted on many channels on Dish. Undoubtedly, the above article clarified all the queries about the Alabama Crimson Tide Football and Dish streaming provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dish television network have any Sport Pack?

Dish TV has one of the best Sport Pack called DISH Multi-Sport Pack. You can add this Sports Pack to any America’s Top TV package. You can access 35+ sports channels, including major league networks, college broadcasts, and many regional sports networks.

Are any free channels available on Dish TV?

Many free channels are available on Dish TV. Some free channels are DIY Network, Cooking Channel HD, Hallmark Drama Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD, UpTV HD, and American Heroes Channel HD.

How many National Championships have the Alabama Crimson Tide Football?

The Alabama Crimson Tide football team achieve many awards because of their hard work. The Alabam team won Five national championships in 1945, 1962, 1966, 1975, and 1977.