What Is Akamai Netsession Interface and Should You Remove It?

Hi guys, today I’m here with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on what is Akamai Netsession interface? Should you remove it? Many people are asking what is Akamai Netsession and do it cause any harm to my computer.

What is Akamai Netsession? Well, let’s see in detail in the following content. Akamai Netsession is a download manager. It probably increases your download speed through the internet. And also it increases the quality of your downloads.

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Try taking a survey of installed programs on your PC. One of them will be the Akamai Netsession interface. I could feel you. You may say, I haven’t installed this program. Then how it came on my computer? Don’t panic. I’m here to help you.

Don’t panic that it’s a virus!! It’s not a virus/malware/spyware. Akamai Netsesion is an interface to improve your downloads by Akamai. You haven’t installed this program. It has got automatically installed on your system when you install some games or third party apps.

For example, when you try to download the popular app like Adobe flash player, it initially installs the installer. Then the installer downloads the Akamai Netsession interface. But why? To download the essential files for Adobe Flash player.

I know, you may still have some more queries. If you are ready, let’s clear all your queries in the following content. Continue reading the below guide.

What is Akamai Netsession interface and should you remove it
What Is Akamai Netsession Interface and Should You Remove It?

What is Akamai Netsession?

Akamai Netsession is basically a download manager on PC. It is more reliable and improves the speed and quality of your download through the internet. It offers a good download speed when you download large files from companies.

According to Wikipedia, Akamai Netsession uses a form of peer-to-peer networking. It delivers content from other end user’s computers using a form of peer-to-peer networking. When you download using Akamai Netsession, it reduces the download time and increases the quality.

More than a download manager, it acts as a peer-to-peer server. It acts as a bridge between the user’s computer and other user’s computers. So, content delivery is made safe, secure, and fast.

Akamai download manager makes your download more efficient, especially for large files. It allows you to stop and resume your downloads. When the download gets complete it automatically installs the product. Making your work so simple and smart.

It downloads an executable(.EXE) file on Windows and a single.DMG file on Mac OS.

How Does the Akamai Netsession Interface Work?

Akamai has got a lot of servers across the world. It uses the closest servers and download devices (ie) you, to download the file you requested. Akamai uses your computer bandwidth in order to share the downloading information.

Don’t panic it won’t share any of your personal information or files with others. By this the speed and quality of your download increase. When you are browsing through the internet with Akamai services installed on your computer. It increases your browsing speed.

Akamai interface is not a physical connection, it has a virtual connection with your computer. It’s more like virtual storage where your computer transfer files from and to. As I have mentioned earlier it’s not a virus. So, keeping it won’t cause any harm to your computer.

If you are not feeling comfortable with it, you can go ahead and uninstall it. It’s a just download manager. So, uninstalling it doesn’t have any effect on your system. It starts working in the background if you install it again.


The mesmerizing features of the Akamai Netsession Interface are the following.

  • It makes your download more fast and reliable.
  • More secure and it also supports SSL security.
  • Akamai’s global server network helps the companies and their customers to complete downloads easily.

These features make Akamai Netsession more reliable to use and recommend.

Should You Remove the Akamai Netsession Interface?

I want to make you clear that, the Akamai Netsession interface is not a built-in system file. It’s just a download manager and merely a download booster. I have stated earlier that it’s not a malware/virus/spyware. It won’t cause any harm to your PC.

You don’t need to panic in keeping the Akamai software on your computer. But if you want to uninstall it, you have no objection. You can go ahead and uninstall it. But before it, I would like to insist you something.

It’s not a virus or malware. Akamai interface is not a security threat and it won’t share your personal information or files. Akamai itself claims that its software is not permanently installed on your system. You have options to remove it.


That’s all guys. This is all you need to know about the Akamai Netsession interface. I hope the content will be useful and satisfactory. Akamai netsession is not a virus/malware. It’s just a software that helps you in increasing your download speed and quality. It won’t cause any harm to your computer in anyway. Stay on the track and update yourself with technology.

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