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How to Advertise Discord Server in 2022? [Complete Guide]

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Advertise Discord Server: Do you want to promote your Discord Server? Sometimes, our server is not reached well to the people. In this case, we have to take any steps to grow it. To promote your server, you can choose the Advertise option. Creating a server is not difficult, compared to growing that. 

If you want to promote or advertise your server, you can go for any advertising website. Here, a lot of websites are available to promote your server. But, you have to choose the best and reliable site to develop your server. Before selecting the advertising page, you should complete your server impressively. To learn more about discord and how to advertise it, go through this article to the finish line.

How to design a Discord server?

Before advertising, you should concentrate on your server. Is the Server is complete? and Is the server really useful for the clients? Check it yourself.

  • You can customize the roles of the members. Like, admin, mods, and other staff.
  • Add correct roles for the freshers and Experience candidates. 
  • Is there any need for bots? you can add them. 
  • You can create Bots for moderation, games, music.
  • Assign text channels for announcements and rules. 

How can I advertise Discord Server through Websites?

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A lot of websites are ready to promote you. As said before, the most important thing is you have to select the best one. Here, we going to see some websites to promote your server. These are some examples only.

Advertise Discord Server

How to Advertise Discord Server? is one of the most popular and commonly used websites. On this website, thousands of servers are listed. Among these, some websites are ChillZone, AFK Arena, and so on.

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It is another popular website. A million servers are listed with Disboard. You can easily raise your member count to the server. It will grow your website with the ranking system.


When we compare and Disboard, this is not fame like those. But, the website will raise your member count and it will lift your rank too high faster.

Discord Servers for Advertising purposes

You can also choose Dedicated Discord Server to Advertise your Discord Server. Mostly, it never asks for a payment to join and post links. It will help you to improve your member count, exchange Service invites, share their experience and let them interact with each other.

But, you should follow all its rules and regulations correctly. If you follow its rules without any issues, it will help for a positive response from the member. In case you break the rules or do any unnecessary things, it will ban you. Then, you cannot access the site forever.

To attract the people, you should mention some common details such as choosing the right category and posting the link in the proper place, explaining the purpose of the server in short and catchy. The importantly, mention your needs like what kind of people you are searching for. 

How do find these servers to Advertise Discord Server?

You will get plenty of servers to advertise your Discord server. As said before Disboard,, Disforge, etc. There are more similar sites are available for you. Choose your favorite one and use it. Also, you can use some keywords to find the sites. They are marketing, self-promotion, free ads, ads, advertise, advertising, and so on.

Mostly, we are searching for self-promotion servers that contain a small number of people. It is the best way to advertise your server to numerous people. It definitely helps you to increase the member count.


You may know about Reddit before. Because it is one of the famous websites for advertising. You can find any communities with subreddits. If you want to promote yourself on Reddit, then you should have an old account. In case, you had not an old account, then create a new account. But, leave some comments on pages before start promoting your server.

You can purchase any old account, but this violation of the site’s terms and conditions. It may lead to banning on your account. Before promoting your server, read all the conditions thoroughly. If you do anything against the rules, you will be banned. Then, you can post to other subreddits directly. 


If you have a Discord Server, and you can promote it using many advertising websites. Use the above websites to advertise your Discord Server easily. Promotion is one of the best ways to increase your member count. We hope this article will provide you with all the necessary information about advertising Discord Server. Thank you for visiting our website.

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