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How to Adjust Microphone and Headset Volume in Discord?

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Adjust Microphone and Headset Volume in Discord: Are you love to play games? Do you face any issues regarding volume in Discord? In case, you had any experience like this and you want to solve it, read this article to the end.

In this Pandemic situation, many of us spent our time watching movies, playing games, etc. Likewise, there is a specially designed communication platform for gamers. That is Discord, you may already about it.

Discord is a voice-over IP chatting platform. While playing the game, You can use it to communicate with your friends or team members easily. Also, it allows you to communicate with video calls, voice calls, text messages. Discord is available in 28 languages.

Sometimes, we feel our voice is not clear or we can not hear our teammate’s voice. In this case, how could you rectify it? Don’t bother about that, you can adjust Discord voice easily. To learn how to adjust it, kindly keep read this article fully.

How to Raise or lower Microphone and Headset Volume in Discord?

You can access the Discord app on your PC or your Smartphone. Here, we will see how to adjust the volume on your PC.

Adjust Volume in Discord

How to Adjust Microphone and Headset Volume in Discord?

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Step 1:

Power on your PC and go to the Discord app.

Step 2:

On the Discord app, select the settings menu.

Step 3:

Then, under the App Settings click the Voice&Video option.

Step 4:

In the Voice Settings, use the Volume Sliders to adjust the volumes. Here, the Input Volumes denotes microphone volume, and the Output Volumes denotes Headset Volumes.

In Mobile 

You can also download the Discord app on your mobile. Follow the below-given steps to adjust the volume in Discord.

Step 1:

Firstly, launch the Discord app on your Mobile.

Step 2:

Now, click on the menu icon and select your Profile button on your mobile.

Step 3:

Then, Go to the App Settings section and click Voice&Video.

Step 4:

Use the Volume Slider to adjust Output Volume. Unfortunately, you can not access the input volume on your mobile.

Adjust Volume of Individual Users

You can adjust the volume to increase or decrease Individual Users in Discord.

For PC, right-click any user and adjust their volume using the voice slider in Voice Channel.

For Mobile, In a Voice Channel long-press any user to see their Volume control.


This article taught about Discord and how to adjust its volume on PC and Mobile simply. Use the above steps to raise or lower Volume in Discord. As said before, you can also use it with Voice calls and Video calls. Discord is compatible with PC and Mobile. But in mobile, you can not access input volume.

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