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How to Add Emojis To Discord in 2022?

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Add Emojis To Discord: The visual language of the internet is Emojis. Generally, it is a huge part of the internet. People often use Emojis to express their conversation while chatting on the internet with others. And in chatting instead of giving a reply message in typing they will send the Emojis as a reply for their conversation. Generally, for tone Emojis can be valuable shorthand and purpose in a virtual conversation. Without the emojis, no communication platform would be complete.

Discord is the best platform for gamers who are passionate and have an interest in playing. It is the place where people exchange their thoughts and can know more about gaming. Then, in the world one of the biggest communication platforms is Discord. Any people in the world can join the Discord platform to know more about gaming. You can have chatting conversations on the Discord platform.

Generally, in the same fashion in their text chat channels Discord allows the users to use Emojis. In online chats, users can upload their own custom Emojis. It has Thousands of Emojis and the users have come across that. Then, for effective communication with other players and friends the gaming community can use it. On the server, these are images uploaded and called custom emojis. 

How to Add Emojis To Discord?

There are two ways to add emojis to Discord and they upload them yourself or access emojis on the Discord account. By pressing the grey smiley face next to the message box for all Discord Platforms you can access the emoji menu. For mobile apps, it will be on the left and whereas for desktops it will be on the right of the box. 


The Emojis menu in the Discord app keeps tracking of the most used emojis that including Standard and discord emojis. Also, to the Discord server ou can add custom emoticons. Then, on your device after adding and accessing the emojis you can send them to your friend by tapping enter.

Steps to Add Emojis To Discord Server

It is easy to Add Emojis to the Discord Server. Follow the steps and procedure given below. 

Step 1:

Firstly, open on discord with Server, and on the left find the server logo. Then right-click it.

Step 2:

After right-clicking, click the option Server Settings.

Step 3:

Then, you will see the various different settings tabs on the left. Click the tab Emoji.

Step 4:

In the emoji, the menu selects the blue Upload Emoji on the top right.

Step 5:

Upload the animated GIF or image that you need to use as an emoji.


Successfully, you have added the emojis to Discord. It is the best platform to have conversations among gamers. It has millions of Emojis and the users of Discord have come across that. Then, for effective communication not only without text but also the players and friends in the gaming community can use emojis. You can refer to our article to know “how to add emoji to Discord?” and follow the steps and procedure in the article. 

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