How to Add Apps on Samsung Smart TV?

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Smart TV is getting so advanced day by day, and usage has also increased by 200%. Because everything is available on the smart TV itself to watch the latest movies, TV shows, and much more.  Even movies are getting released on the OTT platform, which increased the users ‘ use the Smart TV. However, In this guide, we are gonna see how to add apps to Samsung Smart TV.

Actually, it is so simple to add any apps on Samsung TV from its smart Hub. Smart Hub is the app store that contains all the applications in it. From there, you can add any apps to your TV. Moreover, Smart Hub is so user-friendly and easy to toggle between the app’s categories like Education, Sports, Entertainment, Games, and much more. Each category will have lots of applications to choose from and download on your smart TV.

Can you add Apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, you can add apps on Samsung smart TVeasily by using the Smart Hub. The Samsung tv has an inbuilt App store named Smart Hub. There you can find a lot of application that is available category-wise.

How to Add apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Adding an application to a Samsung Smart TV is so simple and can be done in a minute. To add an Application, follow the steps given below.

Add Apps on Samsung smart tv
How to Add Apps on Samsung smart tv

Step 1

Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and press the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV remote.

Step 2

Now you will be taken to the Apps section, and there you can find a lot of applications. At the bottom, you can find the Apps option.

Step 3

In the Apps section, you can find the application, categories, and search options. Just use Search to search for your favorite application.

Step 4

Type the Application name in the search bar and click on Done.

Step 5

Now, the application opens on your screen. In that, click on Download.

Step 6

Once the download completes, you can click on Open to use the application.

Now, you can use the login details of the application and start using the app on Samsung Smart TV. You can find your installed application on your Home screen or Apps section.

How to Add Apps to Old Samsung TV?

Actually, adding the latest application on the old Samsung tv is complicated. Because the old Samsung tv does not support the latest version of the application. However, some of the applications will be available on the Smart TV itself.

Apart from the apps on Smart Hub, you cannot use the other application. Most of them recommend using the APK file to install it on Smart TV using USB.

But we don’t recommend using the USB method because the application will get keep on crashing or slowing down your smart TV.  It will be so irritating. It is best to use the apps that are available on the app store itself.

Can I add my own apps to Samsung Smart TV?

No, you can’t add any third-party application to your Samsung Smart TV. Samsung TV does not allow any third-party application on its device. The only way to use the third-party application is by using Streaming devices on the Samsung TV.

Final Words

Hope that you got an idea of How to Add Apps to Samsung Smart TV and Old Samsung TV. Samsung Tv has its own Apps Store, and it’s so easy to add apps on the TV. We don’t recommend e installing Third-Party apps on Old Samsung TVs. It will not work properly or keeps on crashing because of the Older software version.

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