How to Add Apps on LG Smart TV?

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In this Guide, we are gonna see How to Add Apps on LG Smart TV?. Nowadays, smart TV is getting more advanced and user-friendly. Hope that in the future there will be no need for a laptop and everything will be available on the Smart TV itself.

Moreover, Smart TV comes up with inbuilt apps and an App store. Where you can easily add your favorites apps on your LG tv. However, LG TV comes up with two software Systems like Webos and Netcast. Actually, both the installation procedure are the same and only a few things differently.

Let’ move into the installation procedure directly without any delay.

How to Add Apps on Lg Smart TV?

LG TV has an LG Content Store and from there you can easily install the apps and start watching them. Some of the apps will be pre-installed and if you are in need of any apps you have to add them from the content store.

Add Apps on LG Smart TV
How to Add Apps on LG Smart TV

Step 1

Now, press the home button on your LG remote.

Step 2

It will take you to the Home page. There you can find the LG Content Store option. For some of the LG TV models, you have to click on more apps.

LG Content Store
LG Content Store

Step 3

On the LG Content Store, toggle and select the Apps option.

Step 4

Now, you can find lots of application in it. Just Scroll it and select the application.

Step 5

Open the Application and click on Install.

Step 6

Once the installation completes, just click on launch.

Now, you have successfully added the apps to your LG Smart TV.

Can you add apps on LG Smart TV?

Yes, you can add apps on LG TV using the LG content store. However, you can add apps that are available on the LG content store. The content store contains both the paid and free apps.

Does LG have an app store?

Yes, Lg TV has an App store in the name of LG Content Store. there you can get all your favorites apps and content.

Final Words

Hope that you have got an idea of how to add apps on LG Smart TV. LG TV is getting so advanced day by day by bringing out new apps and simple user interfaces. But it does not allow the user to install third-party apps on the LG TV. To use any apps on the LG TV, you have to use the streaming devices like Firestick, Roku, & Apple TV.

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