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6 Best Ad Blocker for Firestick to use in 2022 [Block Ads on Firestick]

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Best ad blocker for firestick: On your webpage, Adblocker removes unwanted content and advertisement. It is a Software Program. In the Web Browser, it is available as a stand-alone program or extension. On your Browser, it blocks the annoying Auto-playing videos, advertisements, banners, and pop-ups.

Also, it gives an uninterrupted browsing experience. It makes your browsing faster and safer. All multiple platforms support Ad Blockers including Chromebook, Android, Amazon Firestick, and iOS. Also, some other supporting platforms are Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and many more.

Firestick supports unofficial and legal games to stream media and widely it is used as a media streaming device. While Streaming media the unnecessary ads will be there on the streaming apps.

How to Block Ad on Firestick?

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Amazon Firestick gives access to Youtube, Netflix, and a number of excellent content. Also, it is one of the best streaming media players. Then, it comes with a huge number of ads. The Ads are of different types and they are Built-in Ads, Video Ads, banner Ads, and Overlay Ads.

Either you can turn off Interest-based ads or Disable target advertisement on the Amazon Firestick.

Ad blocker for firestick

6 Best ad blocker for firestick to use in 2021

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How to Turn Off Interest-based Ads on Firestick?

You can opt for an Ad-free experience if you feel Ad between the videos are interface. Here are few easy steps to Turn off the Interest-based ads on the Amazon Firestick.

Step 1:

Turn on the Amazon Firestick and move to the Homepage.

Step 2:

Then, search for settings and open the settings menu

Step 3:

Move on to the Preferences.

Step 4:

Then select the privacy settings from the list of options.

Step 5:

Also, search for the option “Interest-based Ads”.

Step 6:

Finally, Turn off the Interest-based Ads.

Step 7:

In conclusion, Firestick will stop viewing its Interest-based Ads.

Best Ad Blocker for Firestick

There are the best apps to block ads on the Firestick. Also, it is available on the Firestick you can directly install from it. You can disable the advertisement by installing the app.


For Firestick Streaming Device, the most popular Ad Blocker is AdBlock. Over the Internet while Streaming media will block all annoying videos and ads. AdBlock is available in more and above 30 languages. From the malware attack to protect your device, it acts as a firewall.


On your Firestick the AdLock app blocks all the ads and it is the free adblocker app. While streaming TV shows or movies it blocks Spyware, harmful links, and bugs when araises. AdLock keeps your data safe and hides online activities. Without any interruption on Firestick, it allows playing online games. 

In 5 Days single subscription can be added and it is available at a very low cost. To its user, the AdLock offers 30 days money-back guarantee. 


On Amazon, Firestick Blokada functions as an ultimate ad-blocking app. It is an open-source software program. Blokada protects the privacy and protects against DNS Spoofing. No matter where you are it allows accessing blocked apps and websites. Basically, it hides your real IP Address. For Scrutiny its algorithms are available. Also, it is safe to use. 


AdGuard removes ads in streaming app and browsers. Also, it is a unique adblocker. To increase the web speed and to protect privacy, against malware AdGuard acts as a firewall to fight. By blocking annoying ads it offers ad-free internet services. Across the world, it is available in more and above 20 languages.

AdBlocker Ultimate

For Firestick Users it ensures ad-free online streaming and it is the most effective adblocker. From the online trackers, keep your personal data safe and blocks advertisements. To block banner ads, phishing sites, pop-ups, malware, and video ads, AdBlocker Ultimate is developed with advanced ad blocking technology. 

Perfect Privacy

Amazon Firestick supports Perfect privacy and it is a subscription-based VPN service. A single subscription gives unlimited bandwidth and connections. From ransomware, it will filter malware, unwanted contents, block ads, and secure your device. Perfect privacy subscription includes customizable ad-blocking features. 


Ad Blockers block all forms of ads and keep away from unwanted ads contents. It effectively removes pop up automatically and stopped all of the ads including auto-play video ads. Adblocker is designed with a user-friendly interface. This article will be helpful for you to block ads on the Firestick.

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