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What is Acresso Software Manager? | How to Remove or Uninstall it?

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Hi guys, today I’m here with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to remove the Acresso software manager from your PC or laptop.

Before getting into the topic let’s get to know in short about the Acresso software manager. It is an update finder that comes auto-installed with a Nuance PDF reader. Nuance is a PDF reader for PC. Once you install the Nuance app the Acresso or isuspm.exe too gets on your PC.

You don’t even get a notice or pop-up for this app installation. It gets installed without your knowledge. You may get an error message telling certain apps are using files which has to be updated by setup.

No need to panic. This is all because of the Acresso software manager. People ask if, is the software dangerous. Does it cause any harm to our PC? Well, explaining that is the sole purpose of this content.

If you are ready, let’s get into the topic of how to remove the Acresso software manager from your PC. Continue reading the following guide.

What is Acresso Software Manager?

Acresso Software Manager
What is Acresso Software Manager? | How to Remove or Uninstall it?

There are some programs whose purpose is mainly to run in the background. We don’t even know what are those programs and what they will do in the background. But they will be seamlessly running in the background of your system.

The effect of them is noticeably the lag in the operating system. In simple words, recent apps in your smartphones can be taken as an example of background running apps. They will be silently running in the system background, causing lag and some serious issues.

These background running apps are by the software companies to provide a better user experience. The program will be in connection with the software company. So, whenever there is a new update, the program will automatically update it.

On the one side, it is making our job easier. But on the other hand, these silently running background programs may display errors while you disconnect from the internet.

So, how to identify and remove these error-causing software? Let’s discuss the following content.

Is It Safe to Keep the Acresso Software manager?

Yes, there is no issue with having the Acresso software on your PC or laptop. The only thing is it consumes the energy of the CPU which can affect the system’s performance. If the system performance is important to you, then it’s suggested to remove the software.

If you want to get regular updates for your apps automatically, then you can keep the software. It’s not malware or virus. It won’t cause harm to your system in any situation.

Acresso software will make your job easy by automatically installing the software updates. Some people won’t prefer that. So, it’s a personal preference to choose the action of holding or removing.

If you are stubborn in removing the software, then continue with the following steps.

How to Remove Acresso Software Manager

If you have decided to uninstall the software you have different methods of removing the software from your PC.

  • Uninstalling the Nuance PDF reader
  • Removing the Acresso software alone
  • Using the Task manager

Select the method which suits you and continue with the below guide.

Method 1: Uninstalling the Nuance PDF Reader

In this method, you are going to remove the software by completely deleting the Nuance PDF reader. Continue with the following steps.


Turn on your Windows PC or laptop.


Find the program named ‘Uninstall a program’ and navigate to the list of installed software.


Locate the Nuance PDF reader app.


You can easily uninstall the application using the right-click options.

This is how you can remove the Acresso software manager by completely deleting the Nuance app.

Method 2: Removing the Acresso Software Alone

If you don’t want to uninstall the Nuance PDF reader, but need to get rid of the Acresso Software. Continue reading the below guide to remove the Acresso software alone.


Locate the Nuance PDF reader app and open it on your PC.


Open the menu and visit the ‘Help’ section in it.


Now, you have to select the ‘Nuance on the web‘ option.


Within that, you may find the ‘Automatic web update’ option.

STEP5: Now, remove the tick option from the box (ie) uncheck the box.

Congratulations, from now the Acresso software manager won’t run in the system background. From now you have to update your apps manually.

Method 3: Using Task Manager

If the above-given methods won’t work, try to block the software using the task manager option. Continue with the following steps to block the Acresso software manager.


You can launch the Windows task manager with the keys combination of Ctrl + Alt + Del.


You can notice all the programs which run on the startup of the window.

STEP3: Right-click on the Acresso software manager and select disable option.


Restart your PC.

By using this method you can block the Acresso software manager from running in the background.


That’s all guys. This is how you can remove the Acresso software manager from your PC or laptop. I hope the content will be useful and satisfactory. Acresso software manager is just a file that checks updates for your applications. In no way it causes harm to your system. If you find it annoying, you can easily remove it using the above-given steps. Stay on track and update yourself with technology.

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