3D Face Verification and Online Safety Precautions

You’ve probably wondered yourself whether the world would be the same without all the technologies required for let’s say, dating. In 2021, finding a date safely is the keystone to most dating platforms and apps.

Benefits of technology to the online world

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Modern relationships seem to be impossible without technology. It is hard to imagine anyone deliberately choosing to approach strangers on the streets to get to know each other. It is obviously much safer and convenient to find your romance online.

Since you can first talk to someone without meeting them in person and after that, decide if you’re interested enough to actually arrange an offline date.

By registering to become a member of a platform such as loveaholics, where there are thousands of like-minded singles looking for a date or something more serious.

Individuals can instantly gain secure access to a world where compatible matches are merely a few keyboard taps or a couple of swipes away. Not only that, modern technologies have made dating much safer and inclusive at the same time.

3D Face Verification and online safety

One ongoing problem with dating sites is the prevalence of fake profiles. All that is often required to set up an account is a valid email address, and these can be created in a matter of minutes. With the only proviso that each new one is unique. Dating sites can certainly verify that an account is genuine, but they have no way of matching a user with a particular registered address. This is where 3D face verification is gaining traction as a key aspect of online safety.

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3D Face Verification: what does it mean?

Crime prevention agencies have long taps into the fact that every human being has a unique set of fingerprints. And this tech is now widely the best method for unlocking personal devices. Facial recognition takes this individual profiling even further. 3D sensors will scan the subject’s facial characteristics, capturing key information about the overall shape.

3D Face Verification
3D Face Verification

As this is takes on board, it becomes very easy to identify a person by mapping out attributes. Such as the location and contour of the eye sockets, the position and outline of the nose, and where the chin sits with the overall image. Although this technology is nowhere near as widely accessible as its fingerprinting predecessor. The time will come when it becomes commonplace.

In the UK, police forces have been testing out 3D facial recognition. At public events for more than five years, while the current USA database consists of information from over 100 million adults.

More and more singles are embracing the possibilities of online dating. Inspiring by the tech innovations that are already being available on certain platforms. Artificial intelligence is now capable of providing precision matching for website users..While virtual reality is allowing individuals to communicate from opposite ends of a computer connection. Underlying all these wonderful new technologies is the need to keep one step ahead of the negative aspects of increasing the utilization of web platforms. So maintaining exemplary security levels is more important than ever.

Passing the tipping point

Downloading a dating app can become the key to establishing a variety of relationships, both social and romantic. The icons of these matchmaking apps can nestle conveniently. Among all the other shortcuts on the home screen of their favorite handheld device.

With 24/7 access to socializing, singles can interact with their wider social circle via social media, forums, and dating site chatrooms. Here they can get involved in a diverse range of activities, getting into stimulating conversations about everything from iMovie alternatives to the most intuitive streaming services. The latter aspect is especially recommending for singles in the early stages of connecting. Where composing and sharing favorite playlists can become an integral part of defining a relationship.

Some time ago, web users bypass the focal point where sites most commonly access by mobiles rather than desktop computers. There are currently over 1.8 million apps available for download. With those dedicated to dating forming a significant chunk of the market. (Aptly illustrated by the fact the dating industry is now worth over $3 billion per annum).

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